should I let DTV update my system?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by Tedder, Mar 25, 2020.

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    Back to the original question. This is probably a bad time to have a stranger running around your house. But there are two reasons why you should upgrade to a SWM system sometime. First, if you have any older SD only receivers, they will probably have to be replaced sometime in the next couple of years. They will have to be retired as DTV eliminates SD duplicates of HD channels. Most Ku Band SD only receivers depend on the guide data being on every Ku (101 and 119) transponder. Since before the introduction of SWM, the Ka band capable receivers get their guide data from one transponder (currently 101 TPN 27). That is what is on the SWM guide channel that feeds all receivers.

    Second, a SWM system is much simpler to connect and maintain, and it is what current installers are familiar with. I have had a SWM system since 2010, and only had to replace the LNB with a 21 tuner reverse band LNB to keep up with the latest technology.
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    I scheduled an appt. yesterday for Sunday afternoon. Not ideal but the whole system was down. The person on the phone said the "tech" will not come inside if anyone is sick and also mentioned keeping the 6 foot distance. Which I do plan on doing. Last week a neighbor had Dish installed and the installer and neighbor shook hands in the front yard. Then continued talking while standing right next to each other. :eek:
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