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Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by MizzouTiger, Jul 5, 2012.

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    Don't know if anyone else has had this happen to them or not. I had subscribed to the HD Extra Pak with their 3 months for free offer. The 3 months was ending the first of June, so I called on June 3rd to cancel it. I can't remove any programming on line because I'm in a grandfathered base package. So, I was telling the CSR that I wanted to cancel the HD Extra Pak. She asked why and I just told her that I didn't feel that there was enough programming on those channels to justify my paying for them. She said fine, then asked if I would like to receive Showtime free for 3 months. I said sure, that would be fine. My billing cycle starts on the 4th of each month, so I got on line to view my charges for June and saw that there was a charge for Showtime. I figured that would happen, as typically the credit for the 1st month of programming comes on the tail end of the offer. No problem. So fast forward to yesterday. I get on line to review my July charges and see that I have been charged for Showtime again. So I call in and speak to a CSR. I explain that I had been offered Showtime free for 3 months but it appears to me that I'm being charged for it. She looks through the notes and says that she sees that I was offered the Starz/Showtime 2 for 1 offer for 3 months (I already subscribe to Starz). She tells me she is transferring me to the Premium Channel department to take care of it. I get a new CSR and explain to her what has happened. I also tell her that I don't' want Showtime if I have to pay for it - I've never gotten into their original programming and I think that their movie selections aren't very good. She looks through the notes herself and sees that the free offer had been made. I ask her if she can explain to me why I had been offered something for free, but then charged for it instead. She couldn't tell me anything and all she could do was remove Showtime from my account and credit my account for July. I asked her what about the June charge, since I was supposed to be getting it for free. She said there was nothing she could do for that.

    I 've just never heard of anyone getting offered some thing for free, end up being charged for it and then have DirecTv say "yeah, we see we offered you this for free, but we decided to charge you for it. That's just the way it is." By the way, I didn't ask for anything when I originally called to cancel the HD Extra Pak. They made the free Showtime offer unsolicited.:confused:
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    The two for one promotin will charge for both services and then apply a credit for the second service. So on your first bill you should have saw a charge for the partial month and then a full month then a credit for 11.01. If you disconnected it 90 days after getting it you would get a credit for the same partial month charge you were charged before so it washes out to free.
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    Make sure that when you are offered a "Free Package" for a limited amount of time that you tell them that you want it to cancel when the time runs out.
    I had this happen to me twice. After that and getting them to note it in my file, they turn off.
    Having said that, I have not gotten any in a long long time.
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    They get points for 2/1 deals....sounds like your taken care of sure to watch next month

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