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Discussion in 'Internet Streaming Services' started by Andrew Sullivan, Aug 5, 2020.

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    Feb 22, 2007
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    Any TV set by Samsung that is a "7" something is not gonna have the best processor. Q70s, 7000s. Step down from 8000s and Q80s. And the "8s" are a step down from the "9s". Q90s, 9000s.

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    Rich, I hear what you're saying but that may not even be a good indicator. I live in Raleigh NC, which one could consider a fairly decent metropolitan area. However, the layout of the antenna farms which tend to be somewhat far south of the city, and the layout of the terrain mean that I get about 1/3 of the channels that I should and that can be heavily dependent on weather. During colder weather I can pick up more channels than in the Summertime. It's easier for me to subscribe to a service that provides my locals than it would be to install the kind of antenna I would need to receive them OTA.
  3. Rich

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    Feb 22, 2007
    Piscataway, NJ
    I know Raleigh is in some kind of Bermuda Triangle thing when it comes to electronics. Look at a map of Verizon cell phone coverage, the only place you can't get a decent signal is Raleigh. Or it was the last time I looked at a Verizon and that had to be some time ago. What goes on down there that causes the problems?

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    I'm intimately familar with the Raleigh market and where the transmitter antennas are.

    My info is from right before I moved away in August 2017. I Lived just east of Youngsville in Southwestern Franklin County (8 miles NNE of Wake Forest). I was about 22 miles at a bearing of 220 from the antenna farm.

    All stations with the following exceptions are located East of Garner along I-40 (I'll call this the antenna farm). You can see the farm as you are driving along I-40 on the north side of the highway.

    WUNC (although there is a small narrow beam into the center of Raleigh from the farm) - mainly located in Chapel Hill (channel 4), with other UNC stations located in Roanoke Rapids (Channel 36) and I think there is one in Fayetteville, and Lumberton.
    WRPX (the ION station) - one east of Roanoke Rapids (47) (I was about 10 miles from this one - it came in like gangbusters compared to everything else) and one down in Fayetteville(62)
    There is a channel out in Wilson (channel 42) .
    This leaves the following at the farm - 5,11,17,22,28, and 50)

    Depending on where in the market you live, you might be able to pickup other markets' TV stations - Adjacent markets are Greenville NC and Greensboro / Winston-Salem. Up north/northeast is Richmond VA. Southwest has Charlotte, and I don't remember what is mostly south of Raleigh / Fayetteville (maybe Columbia SC ?) Wilmington may be possible from the Greenville market, but not from Raleigh.
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    Most people don't care about the technology used to deliver the TV service, whether that's QAM-on-coax, DBS, managed IPTV, or OTT. AT&T TV happens to be OTT but has HD picture quality that's as good or slightly better than DTV. It comes with customized hardware that rivals modern cable boxes like Comcast's X1. It does have some trade-offs, in terms of features, channels, contract, etc., versus other cable TV services (DTV, DISH, Comcast X1, Charter Spectrum, Verizon FiOS, etc.) but it's competing against that level of service. It isn't intended for "cord-cutters". It's a full-scale cable TV service and it's priced that way. It just happens to be delivered OTT.
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    The long terms savings with AT&T TV (or AT&T TV Now's "Other Packages") comes in the forms of HD, DVR and additional receiver/TV fees. I have 3 TVs (which is a common configuration in most homes.)
    • DirecTV Entertainment is $74.99/mo add $15/mo for Advanced Receiver Service and $21/mo for 3 receivers (at $7/mo/ea) and you will pay a total of $110.99/mo without discounts.
    • AT&T TV & AT&T TV Now Entertainment is $93.00/mo. You can have up to 10 devices connected to your AT&T TV / TV Now account and watch 3 of them at the same time. The price remains at $93.00/mo.
      • Going with AT&T TV or AT&T TV Now Entertainment over DirecTV Entertainment represents a $17.99/mo regular savings. ($215.88/year)
    So someone looking to keep a traditional cable/satellite experience but wanting to save some money can accomplish this with AT&T TV or AT&T TV Now.
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