Slingbox 500 and HR-54

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    Mar 27, 2011
    I was setting up slingbox as I went from a client(had a hr 44) to the HR-54....I did not see a spot to highlite for the 54?.....I used the HR-44 and it seams to work just a few glitches.....Is there a setting that shows the 54 on setup and I missed it?
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    May 31, 2007
    I have my Sling 500 (S5) connected to an HR20, and not to the HR54, because one of the features of the S5 is that it supports concurrent HDMI & Component+Composite Audio connection and operation, which circumvents HDCP copy protection and allows simultaneous HDMI 1080P display (watch at home) & Component 1080P Placeshifting (connect the HDMI from the laptop to the hotel HDTV and watch remotely).

    The HR54 has no Component connections.
    To initiate / maintain an HDMI handshake, you need to have at home:
    1) someone to turn on, or leave on, the HDTV or
    2) have a powered HDMI switch or
    3) have a laptop connected to a second HDMI, so the HDTV can remain powered with a screensaver activated

    I actually have both a Monsoon Vulkano (MV) and an S5, each connected to HR20's, along with a pair of Win10 laptops, to a pair of 24" HDTVs, in the office, so the placeshifted DVR's are rarely used to watch at home, except when I'm working on one computer and have a game on the other set.
    The inability of the MV, which has HDMI and Component connections, to operate both simultaneously, prompted me to go out and add the S5.

    The delay in the remote IR control over an internet connection to a distant hotel location (I'm currently traveling two time zones away from home for work) renders the relative DVR internal channel changing response times inconsequential.

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