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    November 23, 2012

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    Re: slow motion closed captions

    I read the posting from a number of years ago on this subject. Some responders doubted that this feature has any value. For almost everyone, it has no value. But for me, it has great value. The following describes why.

    Five years ago, I suffered a noise injury to my ears. I can hear some, but not enough to follow the dialogue in a typical movie. The same applies with and without hearing aids.

    So, whenever I watch a movie, I put on closed captions. But, for the typical movie, the closed captions come and go so quickly that I cannot follow the dialogue. With DirecTV using Tivo, I was able to watch movies in slow motion and also see the closed captions, and follow the dialogue. (But the slow motion suppressed the audio.) Is this a good way to watch a movie? Absolutely not; but it was the best of all the bad ways available to me.

    Recently, my Tivo DVRs began resetting several times per hour. DirecTV replaced my Tivo DVRs with other ones. With that replacement, I lost the capability to have simultaneous slow motion and closed captions; and hence the capability to watch movies.

    Does anyone know how one can get simultaneous slow motion and closed captions with DirecTV or any other service? I do not have high definition, and do not want to get it in my current situation.

    Wil Moore
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    From what I have read,
    Closed Captioning and Sub Titles are carried in the sound stream.
    The instant you access pause, fast forward or slow motion, the sound is stripped from the stream and the Closed Captioning and Sub titles are also gone.
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    The rebooting issue has been fixed. Do you still have the old TiVo? If so, it might be better to just reactivate it.

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