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So far, so good (sort of)...(LONG)

Discussion in 'DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by greggblue, Jul 4, 2007.

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  1. greggblue

    greggblue Cool Member

    Sep 23, 2006
    Well, after years of good service with my HR10-250's, I pulled the trigger... I called retention and told them to send me 2 new HR20's to replace the HR10's... They did this fairly quickly without too much trouble for only 19.99 shipping total... I've been a D* customer for almost 10 years and spend upwards of 130/month with them, so I am what they call a "A-List" customer... Understand that I am a "die-hard" TiVo guy, dating back to the original DSR6000's and continuing to my 2 HR10-250's and 1 D* standard DVR. But I want the new bird's HD channels and only the HR20 will get them, so had to make a change.

    I actually had 3 HR10-250's previously, but I wanted to see if the HR20 was all it was cracked up to be, and replaced the one in my basement (not used regularly) with a HR20... This was last year, and of course I called retention and had them replace my dish for free and give me the HR20... I sold the HR10 on eBay... Experience with the HR20 was pretty good, I liked the interactive stuff with NFL Superticket/Superfan, but it froze up fairly regularly... Eventually the multiple s/w updates stabilized it, and it has been trouble-free for a while now.

    Anyway, to continue, I had 1 HR10 in my family room, and 1 in my bedroom. I bought my 2 boys this year 19" HD flat screens for their birthdays, and thought I'd move the HR10's to their rooms, and give my daughter (who could give a crap) the SD D* DVR. So I was going to have the HR20's in my family room, bedroom, and basement.

    In preparation, I bought a 6x16 multiswitch from Solid Signal (recommend them highly), and daisy-chained in my old 5x8 switch so the HR10's could still get the OTA since 4,5,7 and 9 only come in HD over OTA with the HR10's. I then moved the HR10's to the boys' rooms and the SD to the daughter's room, moved the cables to the 6x16 for the new receivers, and everything worked fine.

    Installation day came, and the installer came out with 2 HR20-100's. He hooked up the one in my bedroom, fired it up, and pretty much right away got its new software. The second HR20 didn't come up at all... It couldn't see any satellite signal. He pronounced it "dead" and said he would bring out another one the next day. Well, guess what happened? No installer... I got impatient without D* in my family room (the most watched TV in the house) and moved my HR20-700 from the basement to the family room... After 2 days, I called D* and told them the installer never showed up... So they dispatched yet another installer to come out... I am still waiting, as they didn't show up yesterday... D* called, and said they are coming out tomorrow... So I am still waiting...

    My family seems to like the HR20's just fine, but lack of dual buffers tripped up my oldest son... I never really used them, so no skin off of my back... The nice thing is the locals come in crystal-clear, with no artifacts like I got from the OTA... Interface is nice too... My wife has had some adjustment in the bedroom with the new remote, and had to go some to get it to work with the TV properly (thx to remotecentral.com forums for the right combo of codes), and now everything's quite nice.

    Now, if the other receiver ever shows up....

  2. aim2pls

    aim2pls Icon

    Jun 18, 2007
    I feel for you ..
    remember D* makes a commitment
    tries to get someone there !!!!!!
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