So how may receivers/tuners can you have??

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    Jul 24, 2018
    Hi guy's,

    I am now considering changing to a Hopper system with 2 joeys for my house. I asking about how many PURCHASED, not leased receivers can I add to my account. They may have their own 1K.2 disk unit on my shop/home office building. I have a unused one in the shop.

    So how may receivers/tuners can you have when have a hopper system??
    If I go to the hopper thing, does this effect the number of receivers that I can have?
    I would like to have at least 3 purchased receivers like the VIP211K or the VIP211Z's.
    So, any thoughts?
  2. dishrich

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    Apr 23, 2002
    If you have ANY hoppers (& Joeys) on your account, the ONLY other models of receivers they will allow to have, is up to (2) VIP211's (any variation) or the new Wally single tuner receivers; both receivers MUST be purchased by you. (they won't lease them to you) NO other receiver models allowed otherwise...period!

    If you change to the Ho/Jo system, I hope you're planning on going with the latest Hopper 3 system w/16 tuners; only drawback is, they also will NOT let you mix any older Hoppers on the same account with it. If you actually were crazy enough to go with any of the older 3-tuner Hoppers, they were allowing subs to put multiples of those receivers on the same account. (I have 3 myself right now) However, you will quickly find out that's the ONLY benefit of those older Hoppers; & I'm not 100% sure they're still allowing multiple 3-tuner Ho's they would wisely tell you you need to go with a Hopper 3. ;) (you can easily find many posts about the now dog-a$$ slow older Hoppers on this & other websites!)
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