So, what's in your HT?

Discussion in 'Archive' started by MarkA, Nov 14, 2002.

  1. nsafreak

    nsafreak Legend

    Mar 23, 2004
    Old thread but what the heck, here's mine:

    TV - Samsung 27" (TXN2726)
    A/V Receiver - Harman Kardon AVR-230
    Audio - Sharp MD-R3 3 CD changer/MiniDisc deck
    DVD - Samsung 5 disc DVD changer
    Receiver - DishDVR 510
    Game systems - XBox, PS2 & GameCube
    Speakers - Sony fronts, Cerwin Vega center, KLH surrounds & center rear, Paradigm PDR-10 subwoofer. Aside from the Paradigm subwoofer they'll all probably be replaced in a few months with Nohr speakers
  2. Richard King

    Richard King Hall Of Fame

    Mar 25, 2002
    The AMC equipment has been replaced with an HK AVR-7200 receiver (very nice). The Toshiba 35" television has been supplimented with an InFocus X-1 ceiling mounted video projector and an 80" screen. The Denon tuner is no longer needed since the HK has a tuner stage. The Revox died and has been replaced in my rack by the Teac 3300. The JVC D-VHS has been replaced by a Dish Network 508 DVR. The Teac VHS HiFi VCR has died and has not yet been replaced (although I am using the D-VHS as my vcr now). I have added a DVD recorder to a new computer for recording. The rest is about the same, although I haven't hooked in the signal processors yet.
    Speakers (which I left out of my original list):
    Front - JBL 4430L/R Studio Monitors
    Surround - Monitor Audio Studio 6
    Center - RBH

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