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    hi,when i press 262 then OK and go to soap net and the channel banner comes up,i am missing the soap net logo in the left hand corner of the banner instead it just says SOAP,call letters,no color logo. My reciever is a rca drd 480 RE and it is upgradeable via satelite. My brother just got a new drd 450 RG and his has the soap net logo ! I called directv tech support and they just play dumb. I called rca tech support and they also play dumb,like they dont understand what i am talking about.obviously they ARE DUMB!! i find both directv and thomson/rca tech support to be a complete waste of time. My brother says i can have his reciever and we can trade, but he complains that his new rca DRD 450 RG IS SLOW AS HELL !!!!. He wants to throw the F**Kn box out the window !!!!! and this is a brand new factory sealed reciever. Just because Directv provides a good picture dont mean they can ignore their customers and not support the software thats in the reciever AND PASS THE BUCK TO THOMSON/RCA, WHO JUST PASSES THE BUCK BACK TO DIRECTV .. like they want us to buy a new reciever every year thanks, Jill B.
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    yeah i have the thomson DRD 485 RG and the box is SLOW AS HELL. i know what you mean. rca tech support, if you can call it that ,is a joke. AS FAR AS THE LOGOS, directv is just tooo lame to up grade via satelite .while it can be done, i guess they just feel they dont want to go through the expense.. i would like to see a hallmark logo or sci fi logo my self .ALL SUBS SHOULD CALL DIRECTV AND COMPLAIN ABOUT MISSING NETWORK LOGOS on there recievers and may b we could send them a message . NOW on the new RG boxes, i have seen network logos added such as VH! classics , WB ,UPN,when i first purchased the box, there were just call letters,but now there are LOGOS !!! sadly though,my drd 485 RG SUCKS cause the guide is SLOW (LIKE YOUR BROTHERS)keep in mind also : if you purchase a RCA DRD 430-480 RE now, you will have network logos as installed over 2 years ago when the box was first released and it will probobly never be upgraded .so the choise is your, RE boxes have out of date graphics installed,or new RG boxes have new graphics but poor software functionality installed....either way, you loose !! hope this helps.
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    Uhhh...not to make a molehill out of a mountain here, but do the channel logos really affect your enjoyment of watching the channel?
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    just a brief reply to `markdl`..YES IT DOES EFFECT MY ENJOYMENT. IT EFFECTS MY ENJOYMENT SO MUCH THAT I HAVE BEEN COMPLAINING TO DIRECTV EXECUTIVES FOR 5 YEARS AND THEY ENDED UP SENDING ME A FREE RECIEVER(RETAIL $200) !!!!! why are things so damn primative, why is rca/tech support so lame i can only describe their so called representives as being RETARTED !!!!!!!!!!!
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    I kinda had to laugh when I read these posts....Jill and agentdtv, sorry I can't help, but I can see your point and problem. I'm the same way with certain things to.

    Almost forgot....Welcome to the Forum, Jill and agentdtv. :)

    Good Luck , John C :)
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