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Sonic Tap : Where's the Jazz?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Programming' started by Tiebmbr, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. fleckrj

    fleckrj Icon

    Sep 4, 2009
    Cary, NC
    The 5 LNB is fine if you are west of the Mississippi, but many of us on the east coast cannot get LOS to 119. If the 3LNB was not an option, then our only option would be SD. Before the 3LNB was available, DirecTV would not install HD for me, because there was no LOS to 119, and the signal from 110 was less than accetable. At that time, the only thing I wanted from either of those satellites was ESPNU HD. I convinced an independant contractor to install the 5LNB and "fake" the system to say that it passed. ESPNU was moved to the 103 shortly after that, and I lived with the guide errors for years until I was able to replace the 5LNB with a 3LNB.

    The only locals that are on the 119 are in the west, so having the 3LNB as the standard for everyone else makes sense to me.
  2. KyL416

    KyL416 Hall Of Fame

    Nov 10, 2005
    Tobyhanna, PA
    There are a lot of eastern markets with SD locals on 119:
    Albany, NY
    Buffalo, NY
    Charleston, WV
    Hartford, CT
    Norfolk, VA
    Portland, ME
    Providence, RI
    Richmond, VA
    Roanoke, VA
    Rochester, NY
    Savannah, GA
    Scranton, PA
    Springfield, MA
    Tallahassee, FL
    Wilmington, NC

    Unfortunately many of them in the northeast have problems getting locals unless there are no trees on the southwest horizon.
  3. maartena

    maartena Hall Of Fame

    Nov 1, 2010
    When I signed up for DirecTV, I chose the Choice Ultimate package.... along with several TV channels of course, one of the reasons was the Irish Music channel, which wasn't available in other packages.

    When the setup was done, I found out I could not receive any of the channels mentioned above - although I contacted DirecTV specifically for the Irish and Tranquility channels.

    Since i paid for these channels but could not receive them, DirecTV offered to fix it for me by upgrading my dish. The way they did it is charging me $50 for the installer to come out, but immediately applying a $50 credit to my next bill - essentially having it fixed for free.

    I know that these channels haven't been moved and have been on this 119 bird since at least Nov. 2010 when i first signed up. That said, I do not know whether this is the case with the Jazz channel, maybe it DID move to 119 from a different satellite.
  4. maartena

    maartena Hall Of Fame

    Nov 1, 2010
    Several religious channels are in the 119 bird besides Jewish TV. Now, these are "free" channels (they pay DirecTV for coverage) so they may be on a less-accessible satellite because the price is cheaper, forcing people that want the channel to invest in the proper satellite setup to to receive them.
  5. Bstacey

    Bstacey Cool Member

    Mar 31, 2010
    Anyone try a diy swap of a 3 lnb with a 5 lnb? I'm debating paying $50 for a service call or buying one on eBay for a little bit less. If no re-aligning is required, I would consider this.
  6. MysteryMan

    MysteryMan Well-Known Member DBSTalk Club

    May 17, 2010
    Awhile ago I had my dish relocated. The tech did a fine job but for some reason he changed the 5 lnb on my dish to a 3 lnb. I told him I needed the 5 lnb in order to get all of the Sonic Tap channels. He disagreed. Before I let him go I made him see the difference with what the two lnb's provide. He put back the 5 lnb.

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