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sonictap 883 mirroring 838

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by D_Art, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. D_Art

    D_Art New Member

    Jul 23, 2013
    N. Calif.
    greetings all,

    I hope someone out there can help fix or at least confirm a problem.

    I recently had a whole home DVR system upgrade installed in my families home. This included an HR34/700, (2) C31/700, and an old H23/600.
    As best I can tell it is working as advertised except for 1 or 2 issues. A number of Sonictap channels that we previously received no longer have the correct programming. Specifically 883 (Irish music) channel now mirrors 838 (Reality Bites).

    After numerous phone calls. I supposedly have a CAD? posted to be dealt with by the "engineers" in the next few days/weeks.

    What makes me wonder. The directv installer put in (or left in place) a 3 lnb dish that he originally set to "slimline 3" in setup. This made it impossible to see satellite 119 and channel 883 was not visible at all. During troubleshooting Technical help had me change satellite setting to "slimline 5s". This resulted in channel 883 (among others) becoming visible. Satellite 119 is now visible 1-21 N/A 22-32 99 95 0 95 0 95 58 96 98 95 99 99% signal strength. Technical help said all looked fine on their end and that the "slimline 5s" setting gave no errors despite only having a 3 lnb.

    I'm confused - It seems the 5 lnb setting should not work with a 3 lnb unit. I can see satellite 119 but I'm apparently receiving the wrong programming from it. It seems either the programming on 883 is wrong or They needed to install a 5 lnb at the time of the upgrade. I don't know enough to guess and Technical help has given me somewhat conflicting information. Any guidance would be appreciated.

  2. KyL416

    KyL416 Hall Of Fame

    Nov 10, 2005
    Tobyhanna, PA
    You can not see the 119 satellite with a Slimline 3. 119 uses some of the same transponder frequencies used by 101, so if you incorrectly have your receiver set to Slimline 5 you'll see the 119 channels in the guide but you will get programming from the channels on 101 when you tune to them.

    In order to get the correct channels from 119 you need to have a Slimline 5
  3. D_Art

    D_Art New Member

    Jul 23, 2013
    N. Calif.
    Thank you, That is what I suspected.

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