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Speed Vision & other directv network LOGO DROP-OUTS

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by -, Feb 16, 2002.

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    I dont know if you have noticed but rca/thomson boxes and other makes come with network logos on the guide system. the rca boxes are nice cause you can use fetch and search for a channel by logo. These logos are hard copied at the time of manufacture and some are sadly out of date by the time you buy your unit and set it up. Newer `RE` rca boxes such as the drd 480 RE are up gradeable via satelite as you might know as most boxes made today are in fact upgradeable via sat.i have been complaining to directv executives for 5 years about this matter They sent me a complimentary new rca DRD 485 RG box, note the `RG` wich means advance guide system. While these guides can scroll up to 7 days in advance and scrolling the APG is pleasent,i found i rarely used it and generally scroll the regular 24 hour cell or guide, wich is a nightmare to say the least,expect a 2-5 second delay from the time you hit a key on the remote before the reciever resopnds. I never demanded a free reciever from directv only asked that my guide system be up-graded to reflect the most up-to-date logos. The executives claimed that only Thomson can down load logos and components to the `RE` boxes but Directv can download logos to the newer `RG` boxes. This has yet to happen, we have no logos for discovery wings,fox family,speed,discovery home/lesuire. To verify this, i went into the local Circuit City, where another `RG` box was on line with DTV and sure enough,it was also missing these logos.I am so annoyed with new rca `RG` boxes, i took it out of service and hooked up my `RE` box instead wich has great ,super fast,scrolling.Now,certain stations,but not many,namely SCI-FI,USA,FOX movie have demanded that DTV not show any logo on the guide. But most networks actually want a color logo on your guide but dtv is unable or just too lazy to do it,after i was promised by the Office-of-the-president at directv that the new RG boxes would recieve newly upgraded logos. The point is ,if you complain enough to this company,they might send you a free reciever also,i myself already recieved there free gift and didnt even like it.i just want my logos up-dated !!!new $1000 touch screen remotes are now displaying color TV network logos on a screen(www.remotecentral.com),where a directv user can download logos for their remote,but i would prefer them on my DTV guide system were they really belong.
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    In the last week, many channels that had text logos on my Philips receiver (Techtv, WE,Family, Hallmark)now have the Directv logo instead. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    hey i think i have an answer for ya. i was thinkn about buyn a pronto my self but it looks like by what your telln me that pronto is bound by the networks also. certain stations demand that logos not be shown on directv equipment.i know for a fact that sci-fi, usa and i think hallmark also, so may be if we dont get the logo on the directv reciever, you might loose them on the pronto too.the sci-fi & usa logos are in virtually ALL recievers,even the old rca drd303re goin back 5 years,i know this for a fact, but sci-fi/usa , speedvision, demands the logo not shown or TURNED OFF, but its still in our machines.many other logos such as soapnet, discovery WINGS and many many others are turned ON (in other words the network WANTS a logo on your dss guide system} but there is no logo in your box so it defaults to the call letters.IT IS UP TOO THE SERVICE PROVIDER OR MANUFACTURE (thomson in my case} to down load these logos via satelite or in a software patch or upgrade,it can be down because i seen a few logos change on my guide, but only a few in the five years i been a sub. Man we pay enough and buy our own equipent !!!!! COMPLAIN TO DIRECTV. thanks for telln me this, im not gona drop that kinda money if DTV can turn off the logos in your remote too!!!!! damn,that sucks ,thanks!
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    the same applies to phillips DSS recievers , i thought u ment phillips pronto touch screen remotes that show logos,call directv and complain !!!!!! bye
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    Uh, guys...if you're talking about station logos in Philips Pronto remote controls, those are user-programmed in, and have absolutely nothing to do with Directv, RCA, Hughs, or the various channels. They are bitmaps that are defined in software by the user.
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