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Star Trek: The Motion Picture DVD

Discussion in 'Archive' started by -, Nov 6, 2001.

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    Today is the release day. I just picked mine up a Best Buy for $19.95. Looks to be a really excellent DVD with tons of extras. From what I understand, the director (Robert Wise) went back and "finished" the movie. During the initital 1979 release, it was rushed to theaters not allowing Wise to complete his vision. This new version contains enhanced digital special effects with 5 minutes of added scenes. Vulcan is supposed to look totally different and VGer gets a make over.

    I am really looking forward to watching this DVD this evening. Will report more after I look at it.
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    I know where I'll be stopping on the way home tonight!
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    I have just finished watching the DVD. WOW! It now feels like a finished production. On top of updating the special effects, they also did a completely new sound mix. The movie plays much better now and looks and sounds wonderful.

    Mark, you will love it. Go get it today!
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    The added scenes interest me. I've seen TMP's "Special Edition" with about 15 minutes of footage added to the theatrical release. Are the added scenes to the director's cut from the same crop? Are they added scenes on top of the "extra" footage on the Special Edition? Or is it "new" footage added to the theatrical realease?

    Are you confused? I know I am! What did I ask anyway? :)

    See ya
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    I know exactly what you meant Tony. The added scenes are from the same crop as what was in the "special edition". What Robert Wise basically did was go back and edit the movie the way he wanted to in the first place. He took some of the extras scenes and placed them where he wanted. The rest are placed in the special features section of the DVD. He also trimmed a few scenes and changed some dialogue making if flow much better.

    When it all comes down to it, the movie is still the same but much more polished. Some of the things included in this version are:

    1.We get to finally see a full shot of the VGER spaceship.

    2. When the Enterprise destroys the asteroid that gets pulled into the wormhole, the explosion is much larger and more dramatic.

    3. During the second VGER attack on the Enterprise, we get to see an exterior shot of the plasma energy "bomb" blinking out just before it hits the enterprise (which is very cool by the way).

    4. When the Enterprise arrives at the central brain of VGER, small bits of light morph into the pathway leading up to the Voyager spacecraft.

    5. When Decker and VGER join, instead of getting just a large explosion we get to see an exterior shot of the VGER spacecraft getting engulfed by the bright light and then the explosion.

    All of the new special effect shots fit right into this director's cut because they wanted it to look like 1979 special effects technology. For the most part it does. The most amazing thing about this cut though is the sound. They did a complete remix. The music sounds absolutely wonderful and much more dynamic. There were also many computer sounds added so everytime someone pushes a button, we actually hear something. Also, that stupid computer warning voice is gone and replaced with a new warning "siren". Sounds a little better I have to admit I miss the old warning sound.

    All in all, I am quite pleased. The movie looks and sounds great. I already want to watch it again.

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