STILL getting the "771" error that was SUPPOSED to be fixed by a new HR24

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by GracieAllen, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. GracieAllen

    GracieAllen New Member

    Jan 5, 2015
    Some time ago I asked some questions in a forum (I believe it was here, but I’m not finding it so I may have been elsewhere)…

    In any event….. I’m in an RV, with a Directv HR24 and a Winegard 1518 Carryout dome.

    IT WORKED FINE………. ONCE AGAIN – IT WORKED FINE. It worked in Minnesota. It worked in Utah. It worked in DEATH VALLEY.

    Until it didn’t. After an incredibly huge amount of wasted time, questions in here, conversation(s) with Winegard and generally fruitless efforts with Directv technical support I finally lucked onto someone at Directv that understood the words “RV” and “Winegard”. He did some “testing” told me the HR24 was bad and would have to be replaced…

    Which it eventually was. And 4 days ago, while sitting in the driveway in Minneapolis the replacement was activated. I DON’T know what-all they did ‘cause they just kept asking what channels I could see and what errors there were, then they’d put me on hold, disappear for a while, come back and repeat…

    After about 45 minutes everything worked again. No more 771 errors, no more “Signal loss on Satellite In 2”… IT WORKED.

    Fast forward a couple days and find myself in Wausau, WI where the weather sucks. BUT, dome put out and connected.

    When I look at the Sat settings and do a “Signal strength” ALL the transponders for Satellite 101 and Tuner 1 are between 78 and 94 (except the ones that should be 0). WHICH IS AS HIGH AS THEY EVER ARE. The Winegard dome ALWAYS has transponders that are 76 or 78 and others that are as high as 90…

    For tuner 2, It alternates with every other transponder being 0. So, 2,4,6,8 are all zero and 1,3,5,7 are 78, 80, 77, 78… Repeat through 32… All EVEN number transponders are zero.

    When I switch to Signal Meters, BOTH tuner 1 and tuner 2 are 79 or 80……….

    ALL the local channels (which we MAY OR MAY NOT SUPPOSED TO GET IN WAUSAU (I can't remember since our last visit but I THINK WE HAD THE MPLS LOCAL CHANNELS LAST TIME) show ”771 – Signal loss on Satellite In 2.” But, since we may be out of the local channel beam, ignore that…

    Channel 202 comes in FINE – CNN, 206 and 209 also. Then it composts from 214 through? with the same “771… “ error. 220 works, 221 229, 231, 232 don’t. and on and on...

    Then at 361, the weather channel, 362 and 618 work.


    1. What does it mean when every even transponder is zero and every odd transponder has a signal when on tuner 2, but they all look normal on tuner 1… WHAT EXACTLY ERROR IS IT TELLING ME? And what do I need to do TO MAKE IT WORK CORRECTLY?

    2. If I have 79 or 80 on BOTH tuners 1 and 2 DOESN’T THAT MEAN THERE’S A SIGNAL and things should work?

    3. When the HR24 boots it loads the guide... If the HR24 can get the guide and BOTH tuners have a "signal" SHOULDN’T THE CHANNELS WORK?

    Other than to HOPE the sun comes out some day and things magically fix themselves HOW do I tell if there’s actually a problem with the Winegard dome or the HR24 as opposed to things not working worth a damn ‘cause there are some clouds?

    When I talked to Directv they had me tune to 9501. When I told them it said “sat a (101) Odd Txp 13V” they said “good” and had me tune to 9502.

    When I did and told them 9502 said “771 – Signal loss on Satellite In 2” they said “Good". We’ll have to send a technician out to your house.” WTF? They were told the RV is NOT AT THE HOUSE. They were told it’s on a Winegard dome – what is a Directv technician going to do?

    ANYHOW, can someone with ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE of what all the above means tell me what the transponder information and tuner information and all that MEANS, and WHAT DO I DO TO GET THIS POS WORKING AGAIN? Do I need to go buy a couple 50 foot RG6 cables and run them from the dome to the HR24? Or is there some OTHER thing screwed up in here somewhere? And HOW DO I KNOW?

    Sorry to sound more than a little frustrated, but I'm REALLY REALLY tired of screwing with this and getting Winegard saying "Nope, it's the Directv receiver" and Directv telling me "Nope it's the Winegard unit"...
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  2. jimmie57

    jimmie57 Hall Of Fame

    Jun 26, 2010
    Texas City, TX
    Do you have 2 coaxes connected to the receiver. If yes, switch them and see if the zeroes in signal strength switch to the odd numbers. If it does, you most likely have a cable / connection problem in one of the cables.
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  3. GracieAllen

    GracieAllen New Member

    Jan 5, 2015
    Thanks... Unfortunately, once I switched the coax, NOTHING was zeros any more..... I gave up messing with whatever's going on and replaced BOTH cables once I got home... Brute force fix, but it APPEARS to have worked... I have to say, when this stuff works, it's nice, but it seems to be a FREQUENT PAIN IN THE BEHIND!
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  4. slice1900

    slice1900 Well-Known Member

    Feb 14, 2013
    If replacing the cables doesn't fix it, then the problem must be in the Winegard unit and you'd have to call them for service - make sure you tell them you replaced the receiver and the cables so they don't try to blame it on something else.
  5. GracieAllen

    GracieAllen New Member

    Jan 5, 2015
    Sadly, through I was HOPING it would be working, it's still NOT. It works SOMETIMES... My process is usually:

    Pull in, plug in electricity - which starts HR24
    Once set, plug in Winegard

    Wait for signal on both tuners. Tuners are typically a high of 79 or 80. They've been a high of 79 or 80 since the day we bought the dome (several years ago). This, by the way, is USUALLY the point at which whatever well-meaning but totally unhelpful Directv person tells me "that's too low, your dish isn't working. WE'LL SEND A TECHNICIAN OUT TO LOOK AT IT."

    See if it downloads the guide and all such.

    At THAT point, it seems to me the world should be working.

    If I turn on TV and I have Directv, it is. Unfortunately, it's random whether or not it's going to work.

    Most of the time, I rerun the setup and have it show me the transponders...
    On Tuner 1 THEY ALL LOOK NORMAL... Everybody between 75 and 94 except for the 4 that are ALWAYS zero.
    On Tuner 2 THEY ALL LOOK NORMAL (as opposed to having every odd one zero)... NORMAL. Everybody also between 74 and 94 except the couple that are always zero.
    Tuner 1 and 2 signal strengths are normally 80 but when the weather totally sucks (which it does regularly) they'll drop to 75.

    Have it download the guide again and tell it to "Watch TV"... and get a 771 Error on Satellite ln2 ON EVERY (*&u^%$#@ CHANNEL.

    Go back and RERUN setup and check signals. STILL ALL NORMAL ON BOTH TUNERS. Tell setup to continue and have it "verify" whatever it's verifying. I always get that screen with the six squares in the upper left - two rows of 3 each that I THINK are different satellites (?) (I don't recall what they are) and Top left and top right are ALWAYS RED and have an X. Don't recall what top middle or the 3 on the bottom row are but they're NOT red Xs.

    Check signals again and exit AND IT MAY COME TO LIFE AND WORK. OR NOT.

    Go into Settings and run the Info and test..... Only error I EVER get is it whining 'cause there's no phone line. There NEVER HAS BEEN a phone line and there never will be one.
    NO OTHER ERRORS.......

    As I said earlier, I replace both cables from the dome to the input panel on the RV - with theoretically reasonably good cables...

    ALL THESE READINGS appear to be perfectly normal according to the HR-24 SO WHY DOES IT KEEP GIVING ME A 771 error?

    I've been on the phone with Winegard and THEY POINT ABSOLUTELY AT DIRECTV. AND, I've been on the phone with Directv and (and I know this will be a HUGE shock to y'all) THEY POINT ABSOLUTELY AT WINEGARD...

    New question:

    The trailer has a connection panel outside with a primary and secondary connection. That has two cables that go up the panel INSIDE where the TV is. Pair of short cables run from wall panel to HR-24..... WHAT IS THE REALISTIC LIKELIHOOD THAT THERE'S A PROBLEM WITH A PANEL OR CABLE INSIDE THE TRAILER?

    To brute force test the thing I CAN take a couple cables, connect them to the HR-24, remove the panel in the trailer, run the cables down the wall. Remove the connection panel where the outside cables connect and pull them through that hole. Then take the 2 cables from the Winegard and connect them to the cables from the HR-24 so there's only ONE connector between the dome and the tv... Seems appallingly stupid to do, but at this point I think I"ve tried to fix all the rational things and I'm pretty much at the stupid point:
    "Winegard doesn't work - which it does if the transponder numbers and tuner signal strengths are correct)"
    "HR-24 doesn't work (which it does sometimes when it's not throwing the 771 error?)"
    "Yet ANOTHER set of cables I installed between dome and RV don't work - which seems very unlikely)"
    "There's a problem with a connector or cable between the outside of the trailer and the tv"
    "Cosmic rays, poltergeist, trailer has some sort of alien possession, Russian hacking, whatever other conspiracy of the day seems most likely"

    anybody have any fer-real ideas how to make this &^%$#@!^&* system actually work? RELIABLY. CONSISTENTLY...
  6. NR4P

    NR4P Dad

    Jan 15, 2007
    Sunny Florida
    You have replaced the HR24 and problem still exists. So for Wingard to blame DTV is stupid.
    Granted it could be a cable, connector or other thing in the chain.

    You should follow through and do the brute force thing you wrote and connect directly to Wingard and see if the problem repeats. That will tell you so much.

    Good luck
  7. 1948GG

    1948GG Icon

    Aug 4, 2007
    Pull your twin feed lines that come from the dish system through your door and hook directly into the hr24, bypassing all the connectors and short jumpers in your RV. Run for x days/hours until you get an error of whatever (if you do). Basically, eliminate as much as possible in the linkage.

    I ran such a system as you are for several years while working across the country, both back to the sd-only (1996-2000) through the ku/mpeg2 days (2000-2) and then through the initial hd pre-slimline (non-swm) up to swm. Obviously not a super dish like you have today. I had a 'chunk' of twin rg6 I always had with me in case someone ran over my cabling (It came close a couple of times by lawn mowers), but in 10+ years it actually never had to be used.

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