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Discussion in 'Internet Streaming Services' started by lparsons21, Aug 30, 2020.

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    A lot of us that have gone all streaming also want to get some OTA channels. For instance, in my case my live streaming service is AT&T TV, and like other AT&T video services, lots of the subchannels that our local broadcasters have are just not there. Like The CW, Grit and others. Until recently I was using a Tivo to fill that gap but it requires changing devices and frankly the tuners are not all that strong in it.

    So I added an Amazon FireTV Recast OTA DVR to the mix. Mine has 4 tuners and 1Tb of hard disk space, there is also a 2 tuner version available. It integrates only with the FireTV devices and claims to work with all versions and generations of them. It does not connect to the TV at all, instead it talks to the FireTV via your local network either wired or wifi. Setup is done via the FireTV app on either a tablet or phone running Android or iOS and is very straightforward and simple to do. Once you have it setup you will notice a new Menu selection at the top of the FireTV screen labelled DVR. Inside that menu is a live guide and recording controls. The Live Guide also shows in the Live menu selection. The guide shows your local channels from the Recast and can also show Philo, Sling, YouTubeTV and Hulu+Live channels.

    While you cannot sort the channels you can select some as Favorites and those will show at the top of the Guide, and you can Hide channels so they don't show at all. Operations is dead simple! Mine found more channels than either my TV or Tivo did and it will tune them all the time. Both the TV and Tivo would sometimes not show a channel when it was coming in too weak, that hasn't been an issue at all with the Recast.

    The Guide goes out about 2 weeks and is good, but not quite as good as Tivo's. It has program description but doesn't seem to have original air date. One advantage of the Recast over other OTA devices is that the guide is free, no subscription fee as many other OTA DVR solutions have. One disadvantage is that you can only stream to 2 FireTV devices at any given time, so for those needing more than that, this isn't the right solution for them.

    The FireTV series and AppleTVs are the only boxes than can have all the streaming services on them, though on FireTV you have to sideload HBO Max and Peacock if you subscribe to those services. I find it much easier to deal with one remote and one main UI over using multiple boxes for varying things. And the FireTV remote is elegantly simple and easy to use and supports Alexa. What you can do with Alexa within the different apps varies a bit, which is also the case with most voice control these days.

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    We actually have 2 Recast's (one on my account, the other on my wife's) and integrating into the FireTV UI was THE one major reason we chose FireTV over the others. The 2 week channel guide gives the wife a single guide to "surf" from as well as works with pretty much all our subscriptions which include YTTV, Philo, and a couple Amazon premium channels. One in our home hooked to our rooftop antenna array that was installed when we had D* and got tired of rain/snow fade issues. The other is in our seasonal RV with an antenna on a pole strapped to our ladder. We love them and they help us stay under our data caps where necessary.

    They have a few "quirks" but what doesn't?

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