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Discussion in 'Internet Streaming Services' started by Rich, Dec 1, 2019.

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    I know.

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    I think the AppleTV actually has a better scaler over the FireTV Cube. Since there is no “native” resolution passthrough for either the FireTV or AppleTV, the quality of the scaler matters when it’s outputting to a TV at 4K resolution.

    The video quality I’m referencing is specifically from the Amazon video service not the Amazon FireTV hardware.

    Sound quality is improved as well. For a clear example of this, watch the Blue Bloods pilot episode using the CBS app, then watch it via Amazon Prime Channels (or AppleTV Channels). When you use the CBS app, the encode is grainy in parts, and you get pretty bleak stereo sound. If you watch the CBS content from a channel subscription through either Amazon or Apple, you get a crisp HD video feed, and clear 5.1 audio.

    More recent programming on CBS:AA isn’t quite as stark of a contrast, but other services are encoding CBS content better than CBS themselves. It’s the same deal with HBO, and just about every other service offered as an Amazon Prime / AppleTV channel. Apple and Amazon have had paid video libraries for ages now; they have been setting the bar for encoding quality.
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