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Sunday Ticket 2013 Pricing announced

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Programming' started by anex80, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. turls

    turls Legend

    Jul 8, 2006
    Well, that really didn't answer the question and I have no reason to think they will do that based on the previous conversation. Now I've got the Anniversary edition of Madden in my hands since I neglected to get a definite answer to my question ahead of time and missed the ship deadline to move down to the regular version (or cancel and wait for a better deal later). I guess now I call back and tell them I have the code from the Anniversary edition and ask them what I'm supposed to do with it if it doesn't get me Max for "free". Can't believe there isn't more discussion about this. And the FAQ's on EA's site are as worthless for those already with Max as they were the day they published them.
  2. bosoxfan

    bosoxfan Mentor

    Dec 15, 2011
    I looked at my new bill online today....not sure what to make of it. It shows I am still getting billed for ST at $37.49, but I also have a credit for $37.49:

    08/27 09/26 PREMIER Monthly 124.99
    08/27 09/26 DIRECTV Protection Plan Monthly 7.99
    08/27 09/26 Advanced Receiver-HD Monthly 10.00
    09/12 10/11 NFL SUNDAY TICKET 2013 Early Renewal in 6 Payments 37.49
    09/18 10/17 MLB EXTRA INNINGS 2013 Early Renewal in 6 Payments 33.33
    08/27 09/26 Advanced Receiver-DVR Monthly 10.00
    08/27 09/26 DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR Service Monthly 3.00

    Adjustments & Credits
    08/12 09/11 NFL SUNDAY TICKET 2013 Billing Adjustment -37.49 Credit
    08/27 09/26 Advanced Receiver-DVR 6 Mos Free DVR Service -10.00 Credit
    08/27 09/26 PREMIER Save $5/6 Mos on SHOWTIME -5.00 Credit
    08/27 09/26 PREMIER Save $5/6 Mos on SPORTS -5.00 Credit
    08/23 08/26 DIRECTV HD EXTRA PACK Partial Month Credit -0.67 Credit
    08/28 Primary TV Free -6.00 Credit

    When I log into DTV, it says to "upgrade now" to NFL ST MAX.....so....am I going to get ST free???? Don't really want to call customer service and mess it up if I am....
  3. KMG 365

    KMG 365 Mentor

    Jul 28, 2008
    ^ Tune to channel 115. If it says you are authorized for this program then you will get Sunday Ticket.
  4. bosoxfan

    bosoxfan Mentor

    Dec 15, 2011
    Yep, says I'm authorized. Somehow, I feel the guy screwed up my ST order. I'm going to have to break down and call I guess. I'd hate to pay full price by waiting to see if I get billed next month with no credit. Just wish I could get through to retentions and not the sales dept.
  5. mrro82

    mrro82 Legend

    Sep 11, 2012
    Astoria, OR
    Well it looks like I didn't get the awesome deal I was told I was getting. I called back in July and spoke to someone that supposedly gave me ST MAX for $40. I wasn't seeing it on my bill so I called more than once after that call and received confirmation that ST MAX was indeed on my account. Called again today after looking on channel 115 and not seeing that I was authorized. Turns out I wasn't. I'm perturbed about this considering I was told numerous times I was good to go. So I got transferred to a different department. It wasn't the retention department. The best she would give me was the full asking price. Nuts to that.

    So I called immediately back and got the retention department. I explained my situation to Tish from Utah and she hooked me up. The best she could do was $36.99 a month for 4 months for ST MAX. She was also able to give me a $20 credit for a year on top of that so ST MAX gets paid for in about 8 months. She also credited me back the original $40 that the lady in July got me for. Not too shabby IMHO. I already confirmed on channel 115 that I'm authorized.

    Also, she noticed I had NBA League Pass last year and asked if I wanted it to renew which I did. I was going to wait to call for a deal until it was closer to the beginning of the season. Without asking she gave me a deal on that too. $31.99 for 6 months instead of the normal $44.99 a month. So all in all, my frustration melted away when she hooked me up. She did mention that the higher packages and more things you have on your account, the more apt they are to do deals with you. I'm sure you guys and gals already knew that but I figured I'd mention it anyway since it was coming directly from the horses mouth so to speak.
  6. RACJ2

    RACJ2 Hall Of Fame

    Aug 2, 2008
    When you call again, say "promotions". That takes you to a representative that can offer you deals, based on your account. I told them I heard its possible to get NFL ST free with a 1 year commitment. They offered me NFL ST free, Red Zone free, $20 Credit for 12 months and $15 credit for 15 months. I did have to agree to a 1 yr commitment, but it only extended my current commitment by 5 month's. Good luck!
  7. jcmwwe

    jcmwwe Mentor

    Jul 29, 2009
    Hi how do u get them to giving u promotions or discounts? I just to ask about upgrading to genie for free because i have protection plan they said it was not true on giving sunday ticket for free or monthly discount on bills. Please let me know. Thanks
  8. mrro82

    mrro82 Legend

    Sep 11, 2012
    Astoria, OR
    Hi how do u get them to giving u promotions or discounts? I just to ask about upgrading to genie for free because i have protection plan they said it was not true on giving sunday ticket for free or monthly discount on bills. Please let me know. Thanks

    Call and say terminate service. That'll get you to retentions. Go from there.
    Sent from the other side of the Milky Way with my S4.
  9. Dcm210

    Dcm210 Godfather

    Jan 17, 2009
    I called today and got Sunday Ticket with Gamemix and Red Zone,free.

    I actually was calling about the ESPN Gameplan,and of course they didnt have any
    special offers for it and I said then nevermind cause its not in HD this year. They offered me ESPN Gameplan
    one time pay ment $119 and Sunday Ticket free. Thats a buy one get one free IMO.
  10. Weather88

    Weather88 New Member

    Nov 14, 2012
    I'm a D* customer with just less than a year in (started service last October) and I had Sunday Ticket Max free last year as part of the new service. So today, I finally called up to cancel Sunday Ticket because I definitely wasn't paying $225 for it. I had already been charged two monthly payments. So I called in, tried saying "terminate service" and "cancel service" but it never prompted me about the movers connection question, so I just called back in and said "cancel sunday ticket." I have no idea where it got me to, but I had a guy on the other end, wasn't the most enthusiastic ever, but I got what I wanted! I said I'd like to cancel my Sunday Ticket this year, he asked why and I told him as much as I liked it, it was just too expensive. So he immediately said how about sunday ticket for $149.95? That was the price point I was looking for, so I said yeah, that sounds good. He then immediately asked if I wanted a free upgrade to Sunday Ticket Max and I said that'd be great. So that was it! He said he was going to credit the two monthly payments I had already made and I'll get a one time $149.95 charge for Sunday Ticket Max. I'm a happy customer!!
  11. Sep 1, 2013 #491 of 515

    rvernier New Member

    Sep 27, 2009
    I am a 5 year customer with automatic bill pay, and zero late payments. When I called in July to lower the cost of the bill, I was given $15/mo off for 12 months and ST by itself for free for the season with a 1 year commitment. I also got ST Max for free last season.

    Tonight I called in to simply inquire if I could get RZ by itself. Their systems seemed to be down, and when I said "cancel" it took me to a regular CSR. I told him about my previous deal, and I was calling to see if I could just get RZ for free. The front line CSR was able to give me MAX for free! So, even though they don't have an enormous amount of power, the front line CSR's do have some pull.
  12. Sep 2, 2013 #492 of 515

    scarylibrary23 Legend

    Jul 31, 2008
    I feel jealous couldnt get any deals for Sunday Ticket. Maybe it was because i just upgraded with a two year commitment back in Feb.
    I added it anyways but dropped some programming. :(
  13. Sep 4, 2013 #493 of 515

    brisal73 New Member

    Sep 3, 2011
    Saying "termination" went to retention. Long time subscriber that has paid for select PPV events and occasionally the NBA Season Pass. I said that I was looking to lower my monthly bill. Thought about going to Fios since it included internet and would save me $50 a month, but Sunday Ticket is the only reason I am staying and can they help me with a Sunday Ticket discount and lower my overall monthly bill so I can stay.
    $5 off of HBO
    Free Sunday Ticket with RedZone Channel
    1 year commitment
  14. Sep 5, 2013 #494 of 515

    donnymac New Member

    Jun 8, 2011
    Called yesterday. My contract expired in July so I was on a month by month payment. He told me he couldn't give me anyt discounts on ST because I got it for free last year. But he gave me my HD Rcvr for free for a year($10 a month) and then gave me another $20 a month discount for something I can't remember for a total of $30 a month. But I had to pay for ST at the normal price. Then he said he could give me a $75 credit towards MAX which gave it to me for free. In the end my bill went up $7 for the 5 months and then I save $30 a month for the next 7 months off my normal bill. Satisfied customer. Oh yeah, I had to sign up for a 1 year contract. Go Pats
  15. Sep 6, 2013 #495 of 515

    jps11 New Member

    Aug 4, 2007
    I own my HD DVR and cancelled service after last season. I tried to get a deal that includes ST (like I do every year) but was told to get any deal, I had to sign up for a 1 year commitment. Has anyone gotten around the 1 year commitment? Any suggestions? I really only want the ST as my cable is a sweet deal with loaded TV, Internet and Phone for $110.
  16. Sep 6, 2013 #496 of 515

    scoop8 Godfather

    Jul 18, 2009
    Dallas TX
    I called recently and got free ST Max without a contract extension but my contract is about to expire so that may have had an effect on the Retentions Rep's deal that I was given during the call.

    I had been without a contract for several years until last August when I accepted a 1-yr contract extension for free ST Basic.

    In previous years, under no contract, I didn't see a pattern of receiving a better ST deal due to being out of contract. During the annual call 2 years ago, with no contract, I didn't get the free deal but I got about 65% off the price which met my minimum target discount at the time.

    I received ST Basic last year so that may be a reason that I got ST free last season and ST Max this year. I've read posts where the Retention Reps are telling customers that they can't give ST free deals twice in subsequent years.
  17. Sep 6, 2013 #497 of 515

    bakerfall Godfather

    Aug 23, 2006
    So you want free ST with no commitment and no other service. I can't imagine why you're having difficulty getting that.

    Retention deals are somewhat based on service history, I think there is zero chance in you accomplishing what you want, nor should they give it to you.
  18. Sep 6, 2013 #498 of 515

    jps11 New Member

    Aug 4, 2007
    The last three years I have gotten the current deal that they have sent me - this year it is $30 for XTRA with free ST MAX - without needing a commitment since I own the receiver. Just looking to do the same this year... Maintain XTRA for 5 months and cancel.
  19. Sep 6, 2013 #499 of 515

    munnlete Cool Member

    Aug 22, 2011
    My 2yr contract ended a couple weeks ago. First call, got $10 off HD for a year and $15 off programming for a year, 3 months HBO, and free Sunday Ticket for a new 1 year commitment. Took that, called right back for Sunday Ticket Max upgrade. No dice.

    Called back today for free upgrade to Sunday Ticket Max, and got it.

    Choice XTRA package, 2 HD-DVRs, 4 year customer
  20. Sep 6, 2013 #500 of 515

    flwave New Member

    Sep 6, 2012
    Are the retention agents available 24/7? I am trying to call up for the first time for a ST deal and just want to make sure I call at the right time. Thanks to all those who post on this forum for the valuable information provided.

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