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    Oct 13, 2003
    Here are a couple interesting data points I captured from streaming the Superbowl live using the FOX Sports app on an AppleTV 4k.

    1) Stopped and restarted multiple times, locally in Minneapolis on Comcast I constantly got balanced to Verizon Edgecast CDN endpoints. I'm using IPv6, so that might have been different with v4.

    2) Average bitrate was between 20-25 mbps. This is pretty similar to other live events I've watched on FOX (ie, Women's World Cup soccer).

    3) A per-second bandwidth graph shows how streaming should really be called "bursting" -- you can see each chunk of video being downloaded with clear pauses in between. I suspect once your available bandwidth got below 75mbps (either due to subscribed service level, or ISP congestion) 4K streaming would have started to become less stable.

    Here's the graph of an hour of streaming using 1 minute averages:


    Here's a breakdown of traffic flows on 1 second intervals:

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