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Survivor: Marqueses premiers tonight!

Discussion in 'TV Show Talk' started by -, Feb 28, 2002.

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    First episode of Survivor 4 tonight on CBS!
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    I hear it's a good one. Going to miss it though. I guess I will have to trust the DP *sigh*
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    When are people going to get tired of this crap? There's nothing I can't stand more than cheap programming with no professional actors/actresses and no pro writers getting this kind of attention. I like good stories without the government propaganda that makes up most of every form of entertainment today.

    Pearl Harbor was one lousy movie. When they had FDR stand up to make a BS "honorable" speech for support of the war and then later had him crumble that paper during his shock of the "sneak" attack wanted me to blow chunks. That was awful. Even the History Channel now debunks the surprise aspect of the story so why in the hell did they write this in that movie?

    As for the normal network shows, all they do is pettle smut and perversion. I won't get into it for the sake of avoiding any trouble.

    Another thing I've been thinking about is whatever happened to all the game shows that use to be on in the mornings and evenings? They replaced those entertaining, educational game shows with a bunch of no talent needed talk shows which peddles nothing but smut, perversion, and the rest of the dark sides of human beings. They peddle the dregs of society in front of the camera and it's nothing more than more regurgitated sh*t that's been done a dozen times a day let alone a billion times by the same kind of lack of talent host on the same or another channel. How many times will people have to see all the same old crap until they get sick of it?

    Well I'm not going to watch any of that crap. You know what I'll be watching tonight? I got my first Hogan's Heroes DVD which is something decent and will be my first time to seeing it unedited because I hear TVland hacks 3 minuets or so.
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    Well, be that as it may, Survivor starts in 15 minutes! Woo Hoo! Personally, I love the non-hollywood fare that you call crap. I fact, I can't wait for Big Brother 3 this summer! C'mon Dish - give us a ppv package for the cameras in there 24 hours a day!
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    Thought the first show was really good ... like the bikini scenes from Sarah and like Hunter to win!
    Thank god Carl is gone ... talking about the 7 orifices is more than I need to hear!!

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