SWiM + 927 error in Genie

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Connected Home' started by MIchael Risch, Jul 25, 2020.

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    Jul 25, 2020
    Hi all -

    I'm a longtime member but rare poster (sadly, my account got wiped). I've got a problem others have had, but I haven't seen it address particularly my way. The primary issue is that I can't watch any ad supported VOD. I get the dreaded 927 error. I have the FIOS Home Gateway, and it logs no dropped packets.

    I think I've tracked down the problem: I have an HR44 Genie with 2 HR20 DVRs getting internet over Coax via Swim. But here's the part that's nutty: only one DVR - the HR44 - shows up as a device on the network. It shows the Genie IP. Unless I try to download a VOD. THen it shows the IP of the HR20. So, basically, the three devices are sharing a single wifi connection to the network, as if the HR44 is doing NAT.

    Which makes me think that's why I'm getting the 927 error. I haven't tried VOD on the Genie (it's in our basement with the XBox - enough said), but I suspect the fwmrm(dot)net ad server is trying to serve to the HR44 and then it's not going any further than that.

    Any ideas here? The VOD is basically useless for us, and my wife is pretty mad that she has to wait months for Killing Eve to show up on Hulu (and thankfully, Agents of Shield, which my DVR just stopped recording for some reason, is already on Hulu). But what am I paying DTV for if I'm getting all my content on Hulu?

    Thanks for reading this long post and for any ideas!


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