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Switching from FIOS / Help with System Design

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by woody1173, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. woody1173

    woody1173 New Member

    Sep 2, 2006
    3 years ago, we moved and cancelled DTV (after 10+ happy years) to go with FIOS. New employer at the time reimbursed for landline and internet, so the FIOS bundle ended up saving us about $90 over similar DTV setup. Also, picture quality was superior with FIOS. Now, employer is no longer reimbursing, and we dropped landline. Comparing pricing alone, we can keep FIOS internet and go with DTV and save a few $ over the 1st year (due to promos), and pay a few $ more over the 2nd year. Bottom line: pricing is similar enough to be a minor consideration, if at all. I have no complaints with FIOS, so I need a compelling reason to switch. The GENIE is certainly attractive. But I haven't seen much discussion of picture quality of DTV vs. FIOS. Are there still compression issues making DTV picture quality inferior?

    Also, I'm requesting help from the gurus on system design. I'm thinking HR34 and 3 C31s, which are all free for new subscribers. It's only my wife and I, so 5 tuners is plenty. We only rarely have felt a need to record/watch more than 2 shows at a time. I understand the advantage of C31 over HR25 is pause/rewind live TV. That means a lot more to us than the additional tuner in the HR25.

    Below are my TV locations and setup:

    a) Kitchen/family room: we do 75% of TV watching here. Probably install HR34 here?
    b) Family room: C31, with cat5 and RG6.
    c) Master bedroom, with a mirrored TV in master bath: Is mirroring possible with C31?
    d) Basement: C31, infrequent use.
    e) Guest bedroom: also infrequent use; we would just move the basement C31 into here when guests were staying.

    All locations have RG6 and cat5, except basement has no cat5. I don't want to have any visible receivers, which is possible in all locations except the guest room. Questions:

    1) Will they give me RF remotes for all the receivers?
    2) Will RF remotes work with the C31s?
    3) Can I wall mount the C31 behind a wall mounted LCD? (out of sight)
    4) I could add cat5 to basement location, if needed. Is there a good reason?
    5) Can the C31 be used with a cat5 connection, but WITHOUT RG6? I ask because in the guest room, I have cat5 on one wall, and RG6 on opposite wall. I would prefer the TV on the cat5 wall. Not a major issue though.
    6) For my proposed setup, how many wires will need to be run from the dish into the house? Do all of these wires need to run all the way to the HR34? Put another way, there is a place in my garage where a single RG6 runs from my FIOS router to a series of . Those in turn feed single RG6 runs to various points in the house. If the wires from the DTV dish run to this "splitter feed", will I need to add any additional RG6 wiring throughout the rest of house? (Assuming of course that I have an existing connection everywhere I want a receiver).
    7) How much control do I have over where the installer puts the dish and where cable is run? I understand the need for line-of-sight, but this can be achieved in multiple locations. Specifically, the dish could most easily be installed directly above the optimal location to bring the wire into the garage. However, for aesthetic reasons, I want it about 40-50 feet away, and I want the cable run thru the gutter and downspout, and then into the garage.

    Any thoughts/comments/etc are MUCH appreciated. Thanks...
  2. litex2x

    litex2x Legend

    Sep 8, 2012
    There really isn't a compelling reason to switch unless there is some channel D* has that FIOS doesn't. D* has most of the sports channels but is missing quite a few HD channels. The difference in picture quality is pretty negligible for the average viewers and dependent on your area.
  3. peds48

    peds48 Genius.

    Jan 10, 2008
    1. you can request the installer to provide you with RF remotes
    2. Yes
    3. yes, but there is no bracket available yet. you have to rig something yourself
    4. no reason to add cat5
    5. no RG6 is required
    6. 1 RG6 SSC to the central location. from there one RG^ to all locations
    7. You can discuss this with your installer. don't see why not. but note that the cable would not be inside the gutter by rather cable tied to the outside of the gutter/down spout

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