The Corona Virus, What Will We Lose When It Ends?

Discussion in 'The OT' started by Rich, Apr 16, 2020.

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    The way it was going, I was expecting 500K deaths before Jan 1.
  2. James Long

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    The trend last August was pointing in that direction:
    The trend now - much better:
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    There were a couple people I knew that didn't make it because of Covid, none of them family luckily. My 70 year old Uncle on my mom's side (well loved by the entire family) passed away from a battle with colon cancer last fall, but his wife would not allow a funeral for obvious reasons, and none of us got together to do the celebration of life. He retired from Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee years ago, just like his dad and had an unbelievable sense of humor. No funerals is a side effect of Covid, at least for our family.

    I got my first Pfizer shot back on Jan. 15th. Not because I qualified (even though I was declared an 'essential worker' by our Governor during this pandemic), but because the local F.D. administering shots was able to get a 6th dose out of some of the vials. I was lucky enough to get a call at the end of the day, so the doses didn't get tossed in the garbage. Had I ever gotten Covid, my contact tracing would have been an absolute nightmare due to my job. My second shot was done around Feb. 9th, so I'm supposedly taken care of. My wife got her first shot two weeks ago, and that was only because 6 people that day didn't show up for their 2nd Pfizer shot due to horrible snowy and below zero weather in the area, which continued for almost two weeks. She was by far the most susceptible in our household due to her compromised immune system.

    Her 2nd shot is Friday, and in March our two teenagers will now be going back to in-person school after almost a year at home remote learning. It cannot happen soon enough! Had both of us not gotten inoculated, they would not likely have gone back until at least the new school year in fall. We didn't see any reason all this time to risk anything and the potential to lose mom if one of us brought something home. We are quite lucky and blessed with our situation.
  4. James Long

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    Locally the vaccination sites have taken extreme care to make sure that few shots have been wasted. It is not hard. With proper planning only a few shots should be "extra" at the end of the day. There are some places in my state where there is a wait list but they limit their list to the otherwise eligible people who simply did not have an appointment for that day. I wish that the ineligible young people who camp out at vaccination sites ("got any extras ?") would be replaced by eligible people. Sure, vaccinating someone is better than losing the dose but it shouldn't be routine.

    The early days were troublesome because Pfizer released the vaccines as five dose vials. The mixing instructions included adding enough solution to make six doses. Medical professionals usually follow the manufacturer's instructions so they do not bear liability not not appropriately administering the drug. Pfizer did clear up the issue and officially allow six doses from a vial (as long as each dose was the full 3ml). Some have found enough residue in the bottle to have a seventh dose - others have reported "half doses" remaining in bottles which vaccination sites are not allowed to mix.

    The CDC reports 82,114,370 shots have been distributed and 62,427,513 shots given with an expected delay in reporting. There have been some weather related delays in shipping and keeping vaccination sites open. More than half of the people in Indiana who have received their first shot have also received their second, representing 6.8% of the state population. Nationwide 5.97% of the population has been fully vaccinated (higher if one looks at % of over 18 population). progress is being made.
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    My state has a website that tells how much vaccine they have and how much has been used. However, there is nothing on there that I was talking about like what number are you in line to receive the vaccination. You sign up online and then it is like you fell into a black hole! The website also has each counties' numbers about vaccinations given and I think my county is also in that black hole!
  6. James Long

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    I'd consider an exact "place in line" number to be rare.

    Indiana has been doing online registration for most shots, opening up a new age range when the demand for vaccinations among the currently eligible groups has been met (people can also dial 211). Currently just over 1.6 million people are eligible in Indiana (60+ plus health care, first responders and prison employees). That was raised from 1.2 million eligible yesterday when the age dropped from 65+ to 60+. The next age range is 50+ ... so one could say that people 50+ are "in line" before the 431k people added yesterday, and the 336k added February 1st, and the 280k added January 13th. 905k of the 1.2 million eligible received their first shot before the range was expanded to 60+. If one is over 60+ in Indiana your place in line is as soon as you can schedule an appointment (probably within two weeks). One of the 735k eligible who have not been vaccinated. People in Indiana 50-59 are in a group of 857k behind the currently eligible. I expect that age range to open in about three weeks.

    Controversy: Teachers in Indiana are eligible by age only. I wouldn't mind seeing the 64k teachers in Indiana vaccinated before the 50+ group but statistics are showing infections and deaths are worse by age, not profession (other than health care and first responders).

    When one's place in line is hundreds of thousands of people away the number is not relevant. :)

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