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The "Red" button

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Feb 9, 2002.

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  1. Guest

    Silly little question.

    Does anyone happen to know what the "Red" button with the Dish logo on the 501 remote does? I looked through the manual, looked on the newsgroups, but cannot find any reference to it.

    If you've seen the Fifth Element, you'll understand why I haven't "pushed it" yet. ;-)


  2. Guest

    LOL....:D , It's safe to push.
    I'm under the understanding Dish put it there for future use. Dish had once promised us a search function on the 501, I was thinking maybe they would use that button for it.
  3. Guest

    The red button is supposed to take you to "Dish Home" the new OpenTV interactive service when it becomes available.

    We could see this new portal very soon. Dish was showing it off at the CES show.

  4. Guest

    Thank you both for the great information. I appreciate it!

  5. Guest

    According to tonight's tech chat, the OpenTV functionality will be started to be rolled out by the end of February. However, the 4900s and 3900s get first dibs. The 301 and 501 owners have to wait until July.

    Oh well, there's always the Internet...
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