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Thinking about switching to DirecTivo

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Oct 3, 2001.

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    Lately I've been mulling over the idea of switching to DirecTivo. With the problems involved in running a DP it seems pretty apparent by discussion elsewhere that the DirecTivo is a much more realiable product.

    What features are on the Displayer that are NOT on the DirecTivo? I would really like to know because there are things the DP does that I would sorely miss if I made the switch.
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    WebTV and PIP perhaps, not much else.

    After leaving DISH and going with DirecTV I admittedly missed my Dishplayer. I even purchased a UltimateTV to fill the void. As time went on I realized that DirecTIVO allowed for lots of tailoring so UTV is out but DirecTIVO remains.

    What I like best about DirecTIVO...
    -Dual Tuners
    -I can request "first Run", thus ignoring reruns
    -No bugs!!!!!!! I never miss a show...NEVER!!
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    I hate to be a wet blanket. I have a TIVO and DISH in one room, and added a 501 to the second room. There is no comparison between TIVO and 501. TIVO has all sorts of search functions, season passes to record all episodes of a desired show, better features of searching what's on, what actors, what directors, etc. (Of course, it's more expensive too.) I hope that the 502 will continue to improve, but at the present there's really no comparison...
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