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Thinking of switching from dish to direct...a few questions...

Discussion in 'DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by davec53, Feb 4, 2006.

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  1. davec53

    davec53 Cool Member

    Jan 5, 2006
    well, i have dish now, and i have a dvr 522 box. however, i recently purchased a new hdtv, and so i'm ready to see what it can do.

    i was going to upgrade to the new dish 622 dvr, but was told that i would have to purchase the receiver, as i did not qualify for the lease (past year was kind of rough on the finances, so i had a few late payments, and even a couple of temporary disconnects...my fault, i admit).

    well, i don't want to shell out $800 for the ability to get like 25 high def channels, which would not even include the big 4 (nbc,cbs,abc,fox). i live in an area where there is NO WAY i'm getting any signal OTA, but from what i've read, dish still isn't willing to grant those customers like myself the ability to get distant hd feeds.

    directv, however, will allow me to get the distant feeds, AND, i can get up and running for free, if i don't want the Tivo, which i kind of do.

    here are the questions...

    1. will directv allow you to have BOTH the HD distant feeds AND still provide you with your locals in SD, or do you have to choose? (meaning, would they let me have NY HD feeds, as well as Lexington, KY feeds in SD). i can't seem to find anything to answer that.

    2. the HD tivo looks nice, except for not being able to output to a second tv (have gotten hooked on that feature of the 522!). i am seeing mentions of DTV's upgraded receivers that are coming down the line, but does anyone have any specifics about whether they might include 2-tv outputs, or when they might start to show up?

    3. programming. the best i can tell, the only differences between dish and direct's offerings right now are the Voom channels on Dish, as well as the HD-TNT. what are direct tv's plans for adding more HD channels? from reading on here, it seems that they are going to be adding content, but many of you don't seem satisfied with what's being planned, so i was wondering if you could bring me up to speed.

    Thanks so much, and i look forward to hearing from you!
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