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    Hi All
    I like to mess around with my DTV equipment and have found some things that might be of use to others.
    My equipment is an SWM3 feeding a HR24-100/AM21n and an H23-600/AM21 all tied together thru a UVERSE 2 WIRE router modem for non supported whole house viewing. Using Cat5e cable, this setup works great.

    The H23 does not like any of my OTA equipment. Both AM units get OTA just fine but neither will turn OFF as indicated by the front panel light when the H23 is turned off. Both AM units turned ON and Off when hooked to the HR24.That in its self is not a big deal but when I hooked the AM21N to the H23, the AM21N got very hot. Hooking up the AM21 to the H23 still stays ON but it did not get hot so the AM21 stays with the H23. No idea where all the heat came from.

    The HR24-100/AM21N has worked OK for the most part. In the past I have had all kinds of problems with the AM21 so I removed it from my system as it was a "PITA"
    I reinstalled it for the new fall season to see if things worked better and its much better. Some minor problems remain such as when you fast forward on some shows, only the top third of the screen is displayed so you have no idea when to hit resume to continual the show. This remains constant thru the recording. The recording from the same evening, same channel will work OK. This does not happen often but its there.

    I have a local OTA problem with PBS. Thats channel 13.1 and 13.2 in the Dallas area. When I record 13.1 I get KEEP/DELETE and trick play does all kind of strange things. 13.1 hase always had this problem but 13.2 works fine. Normal viewing on both is OK.

    I did the 963 thing with my remote to speed up receiver response and it worked great but about a month ago things started bogging down and I was lost for a reason why.
    I am very hard hearing so I hooked up wireless IR headphones to my TV and things worked just fine. The wireless device dumped lots of IR into the room and that bogged down the system. I switched the system over RF and problem solved. Your system can get messed up if you have IR stuff in your house, RF will take care of it.

    Overall my system has worked fine, My dealings with Directv has been fine. Are all CSR'S top of the line, of course not but a little patience goes a long way. Most things have a easy solution if thought out and a little looking around at DDSTALK


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