TIP: Kid friendly TiVo, or how to make D*TiVo look like Auto-tune on E*

Discussion in 'DIRECTV SD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by van_gogh, Jul 16, 2004.

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  1. van_gogh

    van_gogh Mentor

    Apr 8, 2004
    Here's something that may help parents with early risers. I'm a recent E* convert & have had D*TiVo for about 3 months now. Before conversion I would have my E* receiver set to auto-tune to my kids' favorite channel beginning at 5am (they're really early risers). This way when they got up they just turned on the TV and their shows were airing.

    As you know, there is no auto-tune for D*TiVo. I was rudely reminded of this a few times when the kids woke me to change Sports Center to their show - apparently I went to bed watching ESPN and never changed the channel. Or sometimes a suggestion would record late at night and stay on a non-kids channel, usually West Wing on Bravo.

    At first I set season pass recording all Noggin shows from 5am - 8am every day, but that caused 2 problems. (1) The tuner showing on the TV was usually still set to Sports Center, and (2) I had 3 hours of programming recorded that I didn't really want.

    Solution: I set 2 manual tuners, each set at "Keep at most 1 episode", 1 for Noggin, 1 for PBS Kids, from 5am -5:05am. The beauty of this is that (1) I only have 10 minutes per day of unwanted programming, and (2) no matter which tuner is showing, a children's show is airing. Now they don't wake me! :)

    I'd love to hear any other tips you've come up with.
  2. buzzdalf

    buzzdalf Godfather

    Jan 27, 2003
    I ended up adding an RCA receiver in the living room to a 27" TV. Then I got them a weemote!
    The wife and I have been sleeping in on Saturday's since. (till 7:30 anyway)

    That thing is great and I recommend it to anyone with small kids learning to navigate a TV. It's a slick way to help us choose what channels they can watch.
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