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  1. Scott Kocourek

    Scott Kocourek Well-Known Member

    Jun 13, 2009
    The Tips & Resources at are being updated in an easy-to-store PDF version!

    The Tips & Resources will open on Macs, iPhones, and iPads, as well as any computer, smartphone or tablet that can read PDF files. The free Adobe Reader may be required.

    If you are having problems downloading PDFs, you may need to allow the VigLink API in any ad-blocking plugins you have installed in your browser.


    What do all those abbreviations mean?

    Advanced Boolean Searches

    What is a Boolean Search?

    Does DIRECTV have an advanced search feature?
    DIRECTV Networking

    How can I network my DIRECTV receivers?

    Do I need to use Cat5 or Cat6 wire to network my receivers?
    Do DIRECTV receivers have wireless network adapters?
    DIRECTV Dishes, Multiswitches and SWiM

    What type of dish do I have?

    What is a SWiM / SWM?
    What is a MultiSwitch?

    How can I watch two things at the same time?

    Does my DIRECTV receiver have dual live buffers / DLB?
    DIRECTV DVRs and HD TiVo

    How are the DIRECTV DVRs different?

    How many hours can my DVR store?
    First Looks and Reviews

    Where can I find the First Looks?

    Does DBSTalk do product reviews?
    Home Networking

    Where can I find detailed information on networking?

    DIRECTV Nomad

    How can I bring my recorded content with me?

    Over the Air / OTA

    How can I receive my local channel or sub channels that DIRECTV doesn't carry?

    DIRECTV Remote Controls

    How do I set up my DIRECTV remote control?

    Will my DIRECTV remote operate my TV or AVR?

    How many times can I split the signal from my SWiM?

    How far can my receiver be from the MultiSwitch or Swim?

    How do I pause live TV?

    What are the DVR controls?

    Adobe Reader for AndroidAdobe Reader for PC
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  2. inkahauts

    inkahauts Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2006
    Product Offerings

    I want to Compare Providers

    Where can I do some research about providers other than DIRECTV™?
    Where can I find a good HD channel comparison chart between DIRECTV™ and Dish Network?

    I want to learn about DIRECTV's™ Programming

    Where can I see what packages DIRECTV™ is currently offering?
    Where can I get information on what High Definition Channels DIRECTV™ offers?
    Is there a thread that I can subscribe to that would alert me anytime DIRECTV™ adds a new HD channel to their lineup?
    Where can I find information about local channels in my market?
    If DIRECTV™ doesn't currently offer my local channels, where can I check to see what options I have:
    Where can I find the DIRECTV™ service agreement?

    I want to learn about DIRECTV's™ Hardware

    Where can I find information about DIRECTV™ hardware and software?
    Where can I learn about adding a big external hard drive to my HD DVR+?
    Where can I find information about aligning OTA antennas to use with my DIRECTV™ HD DVR?
    I want to learn about what features DIRECTV™ offers

    Where can I learn about DIRECTV™ Cinema?
    Where can I learn about DIRECTV™ Mediashare?
    Where can I learn about DIRECTV™ mobile offerings?

    Getting Help

    I need to figure out how something works

    Where can I find the manuals for DIRECTV™ equipment?

    Where can I ask additional questions

    Where can I find DIRECTV™'s official forums?
    Where can I ask general questions about DIRECTV™?
    Can I help test new beta software updates?

    Contacts And Additional Information

    Where can I get information about DIRECTV's™ Bonus Program?
    Where can I verify my installation order or changes?*
    Who should I contact if I am having an issue with DIRECTV™ that I can not get resolved through the normal DIRECTV™ phone numbers?
    I live in an apartment complex, or in an area that has a Home Owners Association, and they want to limit my ability to install DIRECTV™, or keep me from installing it at all. Is this legal? Who can I contact for help getting this resolved?
    Where can I find out the rules for Closed Captioning?
    My guide data is incorrect, who should I notify of this issue?
    How can I support DBSTalk?

    *You must be logged into DIRECTV's web site for the links to work that allow you to check on your order status.
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  3. Stuart Sweet

    Stuart Sweet The Shadow Knows!

    Jun 18, 2006
    I would like to thank all the collaborators, especially:

    • inkahauts
    • Go Beavs
    • David Ortiz
    • Steve
    • carl6
    • veryoldschool
    • schwefel

    Special thanks to Scott Kocourek, who led the effort;
    Greg Alsobrook, who authored many of the 2008 FAQ's;
    and MiloMinderbinder2 who authored almost all of the 2006-2007 FAQs.

    I'd also like to thank the many people who helped with the effort but who choose to remain anonymous.
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