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To be E* cust - install questions/confirmations

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by dandirk, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. dandirk

    dandirk Cool Member

    Sep 30, 2008
    Seriously considering switching from comcast cable/internet to E*. Been doing a ton of reading on this board and want to confirm a few things before I sign-up (if I can sign-up).

    General Information about my setup:

    Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota area

    Line of site: I have a pretty clear line of site to the south. There are some 3-4 story trees across the street and behind the houses but other homes do have dishes across there as well so I assume all would be well.

    Current Cable TV content: Standard cable with HD+DVR package and internet. Cost $138 per/mo (after fees and taxes)

    Internet Options: The only option I have for internet is comcast cable internet. DSL is severely limited in speed, 1.5 mb/s which is unacceptable for me.

    Household TVs: 1 main HD TV, 1 secondary HD TV in exercise/storage/dust collector room.

    Home Wiring: Central coax wiring, most rooms have single runs to a wiring closet in the basement, including a unused attic run. Though main TV and my office with cable internet share same single run to closet (split in wall), the previous owner cheaped out when finishing the basement. This is the large obstacle.

    Dish Plan: Wanted to get the HD only Bronze TurboHD package + DVR. Also locals.

    Preferred receiver: Would like to get the 722 DVR, it has a larger HD then the 612/622 right?

    What I think I know about E* installations and my current plan

    1. DishPro Plus LMB/Dish(?) is able to feed a 2 tuner receiver with one cable. I was going to use my 1 run from the attic to feed SAT into the home. This is done by merging the signal in the 950-1440Mhz and 1440-2250Mhz range (or something close). A Dish diplexer is used at the receiver to split the signal back out to both turner inputs on the receiver.

    2. Since I still require cable internet and am severely limited in my cabling options... I am going to try and diplex the signal to include my cable internet. From what I understand cable internet essentially uses 5-862Mhz signal.

    Diplexer to be used
    Or this one...

    I will have to place 1 diplexer right after both cable and SAT come to my home to merge the signals to 1 cable. The combined signal would then be distributed through out the home. Then I will have to use another diplexer at each TV/receiver/cable modem to split the correct signal back out depending on the device...

    The other option would be to have Dish drill a hole and run the SAT cable directly to my office... I would like to avoid this if at all possible.

    Questions I am still unclear of...

    1. For the TurboHD package, being in the northern midwest. Should I expect 1 dish or 2 that I read others have? Should I expect the 1000.4 dish as a new customer or another? I have read and read and still am fairly confused by it.

    2. How rare is it to require a DPP to handle 2 tuners on 1 cable? Is this something I should/can request?

    3. How difficult do you think it would be to have the installer try my "non-supported" diplexer setup? Would $50 help in having him try and if fails, drill a hole in the wall?

    4. If they do have to drill a hole in the wall, can I expect proper/decent installation through vinyl siding? Or should I be prepared for insulation foam and caulk?

    5. If the 722 receiver truely has a larger harddrive... Is there a way to ensure I receive one? Should I tell them I have 1 HD TV and 1 SD even though I have 2 HD TVs? I know my wiring wouldn't really support backfeeding from the 722 to my second TV in the basement but I would really like the larger DVR...

    6. Does anyone know what signal area the very most basic cable TV uses... the cheapest package that pretty much only includes the local channels? Is it lower then 950Mhz...

    Anything I am off base on? I like to be informed before these installers come over and start telling me things that may/may not be true...
  2. Marriner

    Marriner Legend

    Jan 23, 2006
    You know, I assume, that the 722 and the 622 for that matter will only supply one channel of HD output at one time. Your two HD TVs would not be able to display different HD content simultaneously.
  3. dandirk

    dandirk Cool Member

    Sep 30, 2008
    I am more then willing to only have HD on the main TV. I don't need to lease another receiver for it. If no other options exist I could go OTA only.

    I was actually hoping to have the second TV display only the most basic Cable TV channels (its cheaper to get the cheapest cable tv package $12.95 + internet then internet only). And only have the SAT on my main TV.

    The second TV is by the treadmill so you can guess how much it gets used, lol
  4. BobaBird

    BobaBird EKB Editor

    Mar 30, 2002
    Quibble 1: it's LNB. Quibble 2: what gets referred to as "an LNB" actually has 2 or 3 LNBs and an integrated switch.
    Minneapolis is one of the initial Eastern Arc markets. Since you are a new customer getting only HD, expect the Dish 1000.4.
    That's what DishPro Plus is designed to do, but only for the 2 tuners of a dual-tuner receiver. Each additional receiver must have its own line.
    Pay the upgrade fee. Yes, while the TV2 output is optional, if you don't specify an SD set in your home the builder program and many CSRs won't offer a 622/722 as an option.
  5. dandirk

    dandirk Cool Member

    Sep 30, 2008
    Thanks Boba helped cleared up a few things...

    What is the upgrade fee... The only think I have been able to find is a standard lease fee of $6 per mo... Is that it?

    Harsh listed the following receivers offered:

    1. SD receiver for one TV (311)
    2. SD receiver for two TVs (322)
    3. SD DVR for one TV (510; not really sure these are still available)
    4. SD DVR for two TVs (625; these may not be available anymore)
    5. HD receiver for one HDTV (ViP211)
    6. HD receiver for one HDTV + one SDTV (ViP222)
    7. HD DVR for one HDTV (ViP612)
    8. HD DVR for one HDTV + one SDTV (ViP722)

    I don't see the 622 listed, has Dish retired this model or does anyone know if they are still getting installed for new customers?
  6. BattleZone

    BattleZone Hall Of Fame

    Nov 13, 2007
    The 622 has been out of production for about 8 months; reman 622s are still available, but in my experience, they aren't very reliable. I recommend the 722.
  7. ZBoomer

    ZBoomer Icon

    Feb 21, 2008
    It still shows the 622 online, but when I signed my dad up last week the CSR said they didn't have it, only the 722. Which makes it odd to me they charged me a $50 upgrade fee for the 722. Upgrade over the non-existing 622? lol
  8. dandirk

    dandirk Cool Member

    Sep 30, 2008
    Cool at worst the upgrade fee is $50... I suspect that if I were to say I have 1 HDTV and 1 SD, the installer would show up with a 722...

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