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Top 10 reasons to switch to DirecTV?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by IndyMichael, May 7, 2004.

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  1. RichP

    RichP Mentor

    Sep 5, 2003
    IMO, the only reason to switch is the NFL Network and NFL Sunday Ticket if you're an NFL nut. Otherwise, the services are too close to call, and have offsetting pros and cons.

    I was a Dish customer for 4 years and switched recently for this reason. I actually liked my Dish PVR 508 over the DirecTivo (guide is slower than dirt, crap modem, time is always off, it's not a "real" Tivo series 2), but oh well. I also appreciate Echostar's business ethics, and will probably go back to them if they ever get the NFL.
  2. Skip Towne

    Skip Towne Godfather

    Dec 20, 2003
    You forgot to mention DirecTivo.
  3. DCSholtis

    DCSholtis Up The Irons!

    Aug 7, 2002
    Sure give em a call it cant hurt to at least see what they will do for ya
  4. Phil T

    Phil T Well-Known Member DBSTalk Club

    Mar 25, 2002
  5. Steve Mehs

    Steve Mehs Hall Of Fame

    Mar 21, 2002
    Yeah that's one hell of a plasma :D
  6. Rockentman

    Rockentman Guest

    As a sub to both over the past 7 years, Directv is the winner in my book. Went with Dish last May. Was hoping to get a break on equipment as I still had the original receiver that was part of my only offer with Dish. BTW the receiver was junk, the channel button on the front of the receiver was stuck (even though I never touched the receiver buttons and always used the remote). Anyways, Dish offered my nothing to return. Not even to replace the obsolete 3900 receiver. Well purchased 3 301's + 508 from Sears (total $600). Stayed with Dish for about 9 months. I had a difficult time keeping my bill lower than what I would have paid for Digital cable.

    During March of this year, I placed a call to Directv just to see what they would offer me. They sure no how to treat a returning customer. For $49 they installed 2 of their latest receivers, 1 Tivo unit, and installed the multisat dish. The installer arrived on time and was very professional. To top it off, my bill is only $55 per month for alot more programming/IMHO better too than Dish. BTW, I did have to agree to stay with Directv for one year to take part in this deal. I do not believe that this will creat any hardships.

    I would have been happy to stay with Dish, but they play too many games. For instance within 60 days 2 off the 301's died. The only way that Dish would have honored their obligation was to commit to auto pay for them to pay to ship the replacement units out. Also, they have either no or a poor customer retention department as I quit (was paying $74.99 per month) without the slightest offer in order to get me to stay.
  7. ARKDTVfan

    ARKDTVfan Icon

    May 19, 2003
    1. all the sports, I can stand, which is a lot :D
    2. better PQ, too me Dish looks too "grainy"
    3. NFL Network
    4. much better hardware, my mom has Dish and the EPG is horribly slow
    4 b better look to the guide and menus than dish
    5. D* has a clue, E* seems to be clueless when it comes to running business, channel carriage disputes etc
    6. website, adding, removing packages, plus easy to find news releases
    7. NFL Newtork
    8, 9 & 10 see #3 and 7 :D
  8. IndyMichael

    IndyMichael Legend/Supporter DBSTalk Gold Club

    Jan 25, 2003
    We called DirecTV, it was a waste of time, we called Dish to see what they would offer us to stay, again, a waste of time. What's the best way to get DirecTV? Calling companies who send out ads with good deals, or going to Best Buy or Circuit City and buying there? The one company we called has Hughes DirecTivos, is that a good brand to go with? If you have a company to recommend, I'd appreciated it.
  9. Steve Mehs

    Steve Mehs Hall Of Fame

    Mar 21, 2002
    All DirecTiVos are the same, Hughes, Philips, RCA, Samsung, they're all the same, just different names on the box. Best Buy and Circuit City should pretty much offer you the same deal since their in direct competition with each other. Best Buy had a pretty good deal when we were looking to switch. Installation, triple LNB dish, one DTiVo and a basic receiver, $75 Best Buy gift card, free after $99 rebate. I was planning to use the gift card for the 80GB Philips model, but we stopped at a local retailer who offered an unbeatable deal. $99 for installation, phase3 dish and 2 40GB TiVos and a 3 year warranty on the entire system. And since he still provides warranty service on modified TiVos, so it was a no brainer. Keep shopping around, check out local retailers, and keep an eye on the Sunday circulars
  10. jwwahly

    jwwahly Legend/Supporter DBSTalk Gold Club

    Dec 21, 2003
    And again three for free is pretty reasonable to me not a waste of time

    and yes i forgot to turn my caps off AGAIN duh
  11. DS0816

    DS0816 Guest

    Mar 29, 2002
    Hey, face facts: They both suck. Lately, that is. Neither are upgrading their channel lineups -- unless it's for the purpose of launching more DMA locals (with the express purpose of serving 100 percent of this country, which has an apparent aversion to outdoor, roof-mounted antennas) -- and bringing in a more comprehensive slate that has people feeling frustrated. Yeah, let's nickel-and-dime the differences: e.g. Dish Network has Style Network, SITV, GAC, and GAS while DirecTV does not; DirecTV has PBS Kids, Oxygen, Trio, and YES while Dish Network does not. It still doesn't stop me from feeling there's plenty more both Dish Network and DirecTV need to do in bringing their lineups up to date (which would actually include an expensive channel restructuring to accomodate the growing multiscreens of premiums and nonpremiums, et al.). Dish Network and DirecTV are operating, lately, with tunnelvision. (Letter grade for their services: C. I see neither superior to the other. If you're faced with a lousy cable company for service, making the switch to DBS is your only sensible option for cable programming. But let us not lose our objectivity by blindly basking in the glow of a better choice. No provider -- cable, satellite, C-band, etc. -- deserves to be placed on a pedestal.)
  12. rrbhokies

    rrbhokies Legend

    May 10, 2004
    I got what I thought was a great deal from Circuit City two weeks ago. I got two Samsung 4040 35 hours DVRs and an RCA model 486 Dolby Digital receiver with UHF remote and 7 day programming guide for $250. However, Circuit City gives you a $150 cash mail-in rebate, and a $75 gift card, so the net cost for two DVRs and an upgraded standard receiver was only $25 including all installation. Better yet, they only charged $28 per DVR for 3 years full replacement coverage, which all things considered, I thought was a good deal. Therefore, the net outlay for me is under $100 for all that equipment installed along with extended warranties.

    Keep your eyes out for Circuit City for their latest deals.
  13. Mike Richardson

    Mike Richardson Banned User

    Jun 12, 2003
    Bull. You think DirecTV is immune to having channels cut off? Direct just bent over and took Nicktoons. Then they jacked up the rates. Good stuff.

    DISH has an online account manager. Seems to have all the important stuff - what's it missing?

    I agree with this. At least there is some progress with SBC: if you sidegrade and your payment comes out to be the same, then there is no $5 fee.

    I am still looking on my 501 for where you insert the tape. :lol:

    Oh come on. It's not like you were in prison. DirecTV works out better for you. But choosing DISH was just a choice. For you it was bad. Move on - go watch your Tivo.
  14. Mike Richardson

    Mike Richardson Banned User

    Jun 12, 2003
    Sorry. But this sounds like a load of crap. With DirecTV's current technology, they can manage to fit 2 HD channels per transponder.

    To carry 20 HD channels would require 10 CONUS transponders.

    To carry an NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX station for the top 30 DMAs would require 60 CONUS or spot beam transponders!

    Where do you think they are going to magically get this new bandwidth and new birds within such a short period of time? You can't just spiel out crap you would like to happen.
  15. Bob Haller

    Bob Haller Banned User

    Mar 24, 2002

    Theres that side slotr that might be usable by just adding another lNB to the existing 3 slot dishes. I am reading this thread with interest contemplating a tree hassle for D
  16. skaeight

    skaeight Icon

    Jan 15, 2004
    It's missing the ability to change your programming at any time without any surcharge.
  17. IndyMichael

    IndyMichael Legend/Supporter DBSTalk Gold Club

    Jan 25, 2003
    On the 26th, we're getting two, two tuner Hughes Direct Tivos and two regular DirecTv receivers installed, I'll let you know how the install goes.
  18. jeffwtux

    jeffwtux Icon

    Apr 27, 2002

    Talk is cheap. DirecTV also said they'd have over 150 local DMAs offered by now, and they have about half as many as DISH, who has over 90% of the population covered(between distants and locals). DirecTV has a lot of things on Dish right now from the customer perspective, but HD isn't one of them. Dish will have tonight's Timberwolves-Lakers(why isn't the media bringing up the fact that the Lakers used to be in Minneappolis?) game on TNT-HD, will DirecTV? DISH customers now get Sirius FOR FREE! Plus, there is still enough room on the 110 bird for about 5 more HD channels. When DirecTV gets over 100 locals and TNT-HD then we'll talk. Plus, will you all think Sunday Ticket is such a great deal when it costs $219 this year for EARLY-BIRD renewers?
  19. RAD

    RAD Well-Known Member

    Aug 5, 2002
    And E* was to have Superdish out for 105 with up to 50 channels of HD. The 921 is shipping again but people are seeing only one or two show up over 3 or 4 weeks. Charlie says the 921 is stable. Maybe 'Talk is cheap' when talking about D* but Charlie's been talking pure BS.
  20. Curtis0620

    Curtis0620 Hall Of Fame

    Apr 22, 2002

    My NFLST renewal is $179. Stop making things up.
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