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Toshiba Utilizes Seagate Tech for PVR

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by -, Mar 21, 2002.

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    Seagate Technology, a hard drive supplier for the consumer electronics (CE) market, said that its U Series 80-Gbyte hard drive was chosen as the storage device for Toshiba's RD-X1 personal video recorder (PVR).

    The Toshiba RD-X1 is the successor to its RD-2000, a combination of a hard drive and DVD-RAM for recording TV programs. Seagate is the sole provider of hard drive technology for the RD-X1.

    The integration of Seagate's 80-Gbyte hard drive and a 4.7-Gbyte DVD-RAM/R drive in the RD-X1 allows storage of up to 83.5 hours of video. The RD-X1 supports editing between the hard drive and DVD-RAM; it can save programs to the hard drive temporarily and use the DVD to build program libraries of scenes selected from the hard drive. The flexibility of recording to a Seagate hard drive - with high capacity, high-speed access, and the ability to record multiple video streams - makes it possible to pause, rewind and play back any part of a program even while the program is still being recorded.

    For more information on Seagate, visit www.seagate.com. And, for more information on Toshiba consumer electronics, visit www.toshiba.com.

    From <a href="http://www.skyrtailer.com" target=none>SkyRetailer</A> (Used with permission)
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    That is exactly what I am looking for!
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