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    Oct 17, 2013

    I don't know if this is the best sub-forum for this question, so I can re-post elsewhere if folks think I have a better chance getting an answer.

    I have been engaged with some back and forth emails with a streaming sports network about some problems with the image on some of their channels. In theory, they would just watch one of the games that I point them to and the part of the game where they can very easily see the problem, but that doesn't seem to happen. I get that one of the limits is that I don't have the TV production terminology to explain the problem. Basically, at times the athletes, the grass, and people in the crowd look metallic. This problem tends to happen with medium shots of players' hair or wide-angle shots of the crowd. It's as if the crowd is outlined with aluminum or the players' hair is metal.

    I have uploaded two samples here (one sample for a normal image from one of their channels and one sample of the problematic image from the other channel).

    Does anyone know the TV production term I can use to describe this problem when I'm dealing with their tech support? And, if you work in TV production, do you know what should be done to fix this problem? Maybe, if I share this with the tech support they can more directly convey the solutions to the producers (who should already know how to solve the problem but haven't for the past few weeks). Thanks for any help.

    2019-02-07_Bahia-Liverpool_CONNECT5_PoorImage.mp4 and 1 more file

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