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TVersity Offers Support Via Skype

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Tips and Resources' started by packfan909, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. packfan909

    packfan909 Icon

    Oct 6, 2006

    April 10th, 2007​
    Dear TVersity forum member;

    Earn Money supporting fellow TVersity users

    As part of our effort to further improve our technical support, we are happy to announce a new live support service via Skype that we now provide with our partner BitWine.
    In the same way that our support forums provide help for new users that later become experts and help others, this new service from BitWine allows you to seek or provide live, real-time support using an Audio & Video session.
    We would like to invite all our existing TVersity Expert users to register as TVersity Advisors (just make sure to mention your TVersity expertise in your BitWine profile so that other users can find you). We also welcome anyone with Home Networking expertise to register as many of the questions asked on our support forums, are home networking related.
    As a TVersity user that may need technical assistance, you are welcome, as always, to use the support forums. However, Skype and BitWine now provide you with the option to just ask someone Live. Advisers may offer this assistance free, or for a fee, and it will be up to the free market rules to set the correct compensation level for those Advisors. All calls start free, so if you have a problem, do not hesitate to try a live Advisor. You will never be charged if you do not approve, and there are no upfront payment or registration fees of any sort.
    Since this service is not provided by TVersity employees, but rather by people like you, it is up to you, our users, to turn it into a success story. We wish those that plan to become Advisers and those who seek an Advice, best of luck and hope that this new service will increase your overall user satisfaction.
    As always, we ask that you take the time to share with us your thoughts about this new service in our feedback forums.
    To try this new service, go to our forum and click on the top right corner for "Live Tech Advise”.
    The TVersity Team

    TVersity Inc.
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