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  1. Marty999

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    Mar 15, 2008
    I am replacing a defective HR20 that won't reboot. D* is sending a replacement by mail. I have OTA and the D* protection plan dept says I'll get the needed replacement equipment -- which should be an HR2x with an AM-21. I guess I'll believe it when I see it. I'm also planning to get whole house DVR set up by D* soon and the CSR said I should set up the new receiver myself and then call to schedule Whole house DVR. Before doing so, I want to make sure I end up with the best set up and the fewest "I wish I had known that before they came" moments. I could really use some help ensuring the set up I get makes sense and is future proofed at least a bit.

    Here is my current set up:

    1 HR20-100 (with OTA, separate OTA feed) being swapped out this week for a new HR2x?
    1 HR 24
    1 HR10-250 just connected to a SD TV
    1 Hughes legacy to SD TV

    The 4 year old 5 LNB dish runs to a zinwell WB68 (each receiver has two inputs so I'm using all 8 feeds from the zinwell). The OTA line runs from the roof to an Antronix 2-way splitter next to the zinwell. One feed of the splitter runs directly to the HR20, the other is diplexed to the HR10. I have not yet gotten an AM-21 for the HR24, but want to. I will need another OTA feed and the cable run, unless I should diplex it. I haven't set up the AM-21 before so am not sure what to expect there.

    A few more details: The zinwell is outside 20 or so feet below the dish. It is adjacent to my basement wall, but I don't have a power outlet currently inside nearby. I also have AC ductwork just on the other side of the wall. Assuming I can get power to the basement location for the PI and close to the SWM, I will have issues with the current cable lengths and getting them to reach the power inverter in the basement.

    I have a verizon fios actiontec 4-port router less than 10 ft from the location of the zinwell, though all the ports are now filled. If I need another port, that will take some doing as I will need a switch or second router, which I may do anyway to get gigabit ethernet. If I go that route, i need some time to sort out the router issues because of other equipment in the house that will work with certain routers. I currently have VOD wired thru a wireless sonos box near the HR20. It's the only box with VOD now and it works fine.

    I've read some of the many threads on setup but am not wise enough to be sure what I need D* to do to properly set up the whole house DVR, feed the OTA to the 3rd box, etc.

    Finally, I have always had D* future proof installs a bit. I convinced them to put in 5 LNB dish before I needed it. Got OTA installed even though we soon got HD locals. I got them to run dual cable where I had D* legacy receivers without DVRs. I will likely, but not for a bit, add another TV in the basement, and exchange our at least one more receiver for an HR2x.

    Apologies for the basic questions here, but what should I be expecting and wanting D* to do here. If needed I can buy a new splitter for the OTA and run the cable, but I've often had success convincing techs to help me out when they are on site.

    From my reading, it appears I will need them to replace the zinwell multi-switch to a SWM8. They could then use the extra coax runs for the DECA connection. Going this way, I then have the power access issues. Can I use an extension cord to power the PI to get it as close to the outdoor SWM as possible? Do I then also have legacy receiver issues for my hughes SD hdvr2?

    The D* phone support person said I can use the HR10-250 for whole house DVR purposes. Is that right?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. The Merg

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    Jun 24, 2007
    Northern VA
    First things first... By having a defective HR20 replaced, it should be replaced with an HR20 since you use OTA. There is a flag the CSR is supposed to check to make sure that happens.

    As for the WHDVR upgrade, DirecTV will not future proof your setup so you will get an install based on your current configuration. You will get a SWiM-LNB installed and not a SWiM-8. Your multi-switch will be replaced with a 1x8 splitter. Only one cable will be used at that point to each DVR. As for the OTA, you will need to use a separate run as it cannot be diplexed onto a SWiM/DECA setup, but since you will now have an extra cable at each DVR that shouldn't be an issue.

    For your receivers, the HR10 and the Hughes legacy will be replaced as they are not SWiM compatible. The HR10 will be replaced with a R16 and the Hughes with a D12. This will make them SWiM compatible, but not MRV compatible. You will need to upgrade them to H2x/HR2x's to make them MRV compatible. While the SWiM compatible swap-out is included in the WHDVR upgrade cost, upgrading them to MRV compatible would be an extra cost.

    With regard to the connecting your receivers to the Internet, you can use the extra cable left over from the HR20 to connect to a Broadband DECA which would be connected to the router you have near it. That will get all your receivers networked at that point. Finally, be sure to ask for the Whole Home DVR Upgrade with Internet Connection Kit. Asking for the ICK will ensure that you get the Broadband DECA.

    - Merg
  3. DavidKirchner

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    Dec 15, 2006
    Merg, I told the CSR I had a broken HR20 and I said I need the new box to have OTA. My CSR could not guarantee an OTA HR20 replacement. She said I had to pay for the AM-21 OTA addon because the new box could be HR22,HR23,HR24... she had no control!

    I also pay for the D* protection plan.
    I paid the $50 for the AM-21 and am waiting for deliver now.
    I am also going to get Whole Home DVR Upgrade.
  4. The Merg

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    Jun 24, 2007
    Northern VA
    :welcome_s to DBSTalk.

    I would have waited until the box came before ordering the AM-21. What if you get a HR20?

    As for not guaranteeing it, with the HR20 it is a little different. When a replacement is ordered, there is a box the CSR can check that says OTA is required. The warehouse is then supposed to ship out a HR20 if that box is checked in the system. This is to prevent the need for customers having to order an AM-21 who have had OTA the entire time.

    - Merg
  5. bobnielsen

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    Jun 29, 2006
    While a SWM8 would allow you to use the 3 legacy ports for non-SWM-compatible receivers, your HR10-250 and HDVR2 each have two inputs so you would be limited to a single tuner on one of them. I don't believe that Directv supplies SWM8s so you may need to purchase your own and convince the installer to use it. Neither of these DVRs supports WHDVR.

    The power inserter does not need to be located near the SWM but can be placed near one of the receivers by using the power-passing port on the signal splitter.

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