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Upgrade for D-10 (100)?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by Antennaguy, Sep 19, 2005.

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  1. Antennaguy

    Antennaguy AllStar

    Apr 27, 2004
    I have read in recent posts that there are currently upgrades taking place for the D-10 (200) series receivers and some members seem to have information on the issues and dates scheduled. Does anyone have information on any updates for the 100 series? (Are these newer or older than the 200's?)
    The primary issue that I would like to see addressed is the fact that the timer function does not work correctly, whether set up by the manual schedule menu or by clicking on the guide. The receiver will come on at the appropriate time and switch to the proper channel, but then it will never go off. In fact, later when I want it to go off or change channels, I get a message asking if I want to cancel the timer which should have long expired. This disables the function of my JVC S-VHS recorder which has a sensor in the S-video input and could otherwise be used to automatically record a show by simply clicking on the guide to set up a scheduled event.
    I deal with this by simply leaving the receiver on all night tuned to the channel from which I want to record and setting up the VCR's own timer. It would be nice if they would fix this problem. I am afraid that I simply do not have the patience to call or e-mail D* anymore with such problems. Either the CSR can not understand the problem or I am told to unplug my receiver for awhile and that will fix everything.
  2. SBacklin

    SBacklin Legend

    Sep 14, 2005
    I know your feelings on dealing with DirecTV. I been a customer since August 18 and I am not pleased with most of the reps at DirecTV. I did have the D10 (100s) for a day, I did notice that they did software updates. However, I only noticed very small changes. The guide and such appeared to be the same except for the signal tester. I went back to the D10-200 after a day with the D10(100s) because I wasn't happy with the D10(100s). When went to the menu/guide from the TV broadcast or back to the TV from menu/guide. It caused my TV broadcast picture to freeze/jump and I was not thrilled. I can't speak exactly to your problem with the timer and such. Try forcing the update to your boxes by hitting "02468" when you see the VERY FIRST screen after you reset the receiver. That will activate the upgrade process. Try that and see if it fixes your problem. That is the only suggestion I have short of getting different boxes. Good luck.
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