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Upgrade Questions/HR34

Discussion in 'DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by Bevostein, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. Bevostein

    Bevostein Mentor

    Feb 1, 2008
    Well, the HR34 has given me the upgrade bug. I have been thru this twice with the HR10-250 and then the SWM8/HR2X. My system right now consists of:

    Slimline Dish
    Kids Playroom - HR21
    Master Bedroom - HR21 with AIM-21
    Family Room - HR22 with AIM-21
    Patio - HR21
    Unsupported MRV thru wired ethernet

    So I have a total of eight tuners plus the 2 AIM-21s. Each location has 2 RG6 cables running to it along with CAT5. Everything home runs to a central distribution panel with a router and the SWM8. The router in the central distribution panel has 3 open slots. The OTA signal feeds into the SW8 and then is diplexed out at the boxes. The family room HR22 and AIM-21 plus the patio HR21 are physically located together in the same spot so I have to feed these 3 items with 2 RG6 cables. Right now one cable feeds the HR21 and the other is diplexed and feeds the HR22 and AIM-21

    I would like to add an HR34 to the system thereby increasing the tuners to 13. I will be moving one of the HR21s to a bedroom. I know this means going to SWM16. The HR34 will go in the family room. I would also like to switch from unsupported to supported MRV. I am trying to figure out whether to tackle this myself or involve DirecTV. Here are my questions:

    How does the HR34 interact with the other HR2X boxes? Can you use one of the HR2X boxes to set up a recording and have it record on the HR34 or does it work like the current MRV system on only record on the local drive?

    If I set up a professional install to go from unsupported to supported MRV will they switch out the HR2X boxes to HR24s since they have built in DECA or do they just add DECAs?

    If I buy an HR34 from SS or VE can I hire DirecTV to do a professional install and if so do they provide the SWM16?

    Could I combine the supported MRV install and the HR34 install into one and save money or are they separate charges?

    If I understand it correctly, once I use DECA I can no longer run the OTA thru the SWM since they use the same frequency on the RG6. Correct?

    If I understand the SWM16 correctly, it has two SWM outputs of which each can accommodate up to 8 tuners. Correct?

    So if the SWM16 has two outputs, I could run one output over a single RG6 line to the shared location for the family room box (the new HR34) and the patio box (existing HR21). I could split the SWM signal at that location and feed the 5 tuners on the HR34 and the two tuners on the HR21. The second RG6 line that runs to that location could be used to do a straight feed (nondiplexed) of OTA to the AIM-21 which will be connected to the HR34. The other SWM output could feed the 6 tuners in the other 3 boxes and could be split in the central distribution panel. The master bedroom could get the SWM signal over on RG6 cable and the OTA signal could be delivered to the master bedroom AIM-21 thru the second RG6 cable. Does all this sound right?

    Does the SWM16 have only one 29v power inverter? It doesn't need one for each SWM output, correct?

    Does each output on the SWM16 need a DECA CCK or will one CCK feed the whole SWM system?

    There is a wired CCK, correct? Since my router is there in the central distribution panel I would like to have a wired connection.

    I am sure I will have more questions...thanks in advance
  2. Rtm

    Rtm Godfather

    Oct 18, 2011
    They just add DECAs and the SWM16 only has one power inserter I think it's more power than SWM8 its has blue labels on it and the COAX connecter.

    I ordered a box that went over my SWM8 and I just installed the HD receiver myself and it was free for them to upgrade my SWM8 to SWM16. They wanted like $50 to install the receiver but I had already installed it so $0 for them to change SWM8 to SWM16.
  3. veryoldschool

    veryoldschool Lifetime Achiever Staff Member Super Moderator DBSTalk Club

    Dec 9, 2006
    like any other DVR. A H2x can select which DVR for a recording, but not another DVR.
    They'll add white DECAs as needed.
    "seems right"
    the SWiM-16 bridges both legs for DECA, so only one is needed.
    both the wired and wireless CCK can be hardwired.

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