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Upgrading to swm and hr34 - a few questions / clarifications

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Installation/MDU Discussion' started by jimmyt, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. jimmyt

    jimmyt Legend

    Mar 9, 2005
    I originally posted a similar thread over in the Connected home section and realized it should have been here - so my apologies for cross posting. I have been reading a lot the past few days so I think I am on the right track and think I have a good plan for when the installer arrives - but can some of you "check my math" ?

    I want the install to go as smooth as possible and I want to clean up my mess of wires at the same time. I have 3 hr21's and 1 r16. I have a slimline dish with the 3 horn lnb with 4 wires coming out of the dish into a WB68 with 8 coax runs (2 to each receiver). I am on the "unsupported" ethernet MRV.

    When its all said and done, I will have the HR34 and three HR21's. The R16 is getting retired with one of the HR21's being relocated to its place. I am also switching to DECA for the MRV. My assumptions are (based on a whole lot of reading) that I will have 11 tuners when its all said and done and will need a 16 port SWM multiswitch, the DECA CCK, a power inserter, and at some splitters.

    Everything is centrally located in the basement where there is a 2'x3' space on the wall that all of the current wiring comes to along with the wb68 multiswitch being located there. At that location I have power and ethernet available. My plan is to place the WDECA (CCK), the power inserter, the SWM multiwitch, and the splitters at that central location and mount them all to the wall nice and neat.

    Questions: I believe that setup should work ok - any reasons why not?
    Will I still use all 4 lines from the outside - I think the answer is yes and the 4 lines will go into the swm16 multiswitch and my assumption is the dish and lnb will not need to be changed?
    I believe this to be true as well - the wireless deca/cck can be used wired instead of wireless?

    I also assume that the BBC's that are connected to each hr21 tuner will go away and I will need to add a DECA module at each hr21 location. Correct?

    Splitters - Since I have 4 physical receivers and 11 tuners, I will need splitters. I want them to be located at the central distribution point. Does each splitter need a power infusion? Doesn't appear to. So in theory I can get two of the 2 way broadband (with the green label) splitters and and then connect the four rg6 lines that run to each receiver.

    Any advice or math checking would be appreciated!
  2. HoTat2

    HoTat2 Hall Of Fame

    Nov 16, 2005
    No reason that I can see ...


    Correct, though the tech. may not know this. And the HR34 may act as a CCK itself, but again the tech. may not know this.



    No they're passive. The PI may be run through the power passive ports of a splitter on the SWM-1/PWR line as an option to power the SWiM-16, but in your case you should be able to attach the PI to the SWiM-16's direct power port.

    Unless you need an additional splitter port for a coax run to the W-CCK, then you are going to need a 4 x 1 splitter on one leg of the SWiM.
  3. jimmyt

    jimmyt Legend

    Mar 9, 2005
    Thanks for the advice!

    The install went well for the most part. Interesting to note, they brought a wired CCK out and it was nothing more than the second gen DECA with a power inserter.

    The hr34 took its sweet time booting and we had to do a rbr a few times. Once it was up and running it would fail on the 99 sat so we couldnt activate it. The installer tweaked the dish and was getting it to pass on the 99 at the dish, so I suggested we swap out the grounding blocks and change the ends. My grounding blocks are in a NEMA box mounted to the side of the house. Once he did that, then things were good and the hr34 fired up. the decas did ok, took a few reboots of each unit but they work fine. I assigned everything a static ip because thats how I like my network.

    I told the installer just hook it up and I will mount the wires and switches later :) See the attache before and after pics -

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  4. dielray

    dielray Legend

    Aug 5, 2009
    Yup, that's what is used for a CCK these days. It's a DECA2, an H25 power supply, and an adapter to convert and filter the H25 power supply for coax. It comes all in one box, unlike when the white DECAs where used for CCKs.

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