UPS: Protect Yourself From Voltage Dips, Spikes, Surges, and Outages.

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    Cool, thanks, can't get enough info>>> Too much information driving thru my brain, too much information driving me insane>> quick who wins:grin:

    To get further claifification, since technology has changed,
    Link is from 2002

    Could it be that with the newer UPS' that they divide the outputs from "Battery" backup to Surge, that it is now OK to add better surge, on the backup side?
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    Any UPS will provide Surge protechtion , SO if you need additional outlets from a UPS- Just get a regular "power Strip" and plug it into the battery backup plugs, ALL the APC line of ups come with Built in surge protection , the Surge plugs on the back are not powered by battery and inverter when the main Power source fails.

    When sizing your ups you add the total Watts and this fiqure is used as a guide to the Size you would need. Example 1500 Should be enough for most Average Home Systems, If your equipment is larger then add another 1500 ups and split the equipment. The watts also provide you will an estimate run time (or battery Hold).

    I use my UPS to hold my Samsung DLP long enough to allow the lamp to cool off when it goes on BAttery I'm using a UPS 650 and Run my AV AMP thru it as well. I can get about 15 min of hold time (while equipment is on) With equipment off I hour , plenty of time for me to grab the remote and shut it down and the DLP can go to sleep as designed.

    Also having it on the UPS when not at home KEEPS power Rush (HIGHER VOLTAGE) from reaching my TV or Lower volatage making it last a little longer for me to enjoy.

    The Downside of using only Surge protecters is it can save you once (meaning) The Strip or device is good for onetime then it's DOA. You may not know when that happens. A UPS regulates the incoming power source (blocking) such harm over and over again.
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    I was reffering to some posts withn this thread [or somehwere] that said the Surge side has minimal Joule protection [under 500 I think]

    Since there are so many posts and varying input, just trying to keep info up to date
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    So based on the advise from an actual UPS manufacturer, I'm calling "just because someone posted it on the internets, does not make it true" on the advise not to put a surge protector on the output of a UPS.

    APC's concern is clearly more about adding more sockets and then potentially overloading the UPS, and a similar concern about cheap surge protectors that do not properly handle the potential load across their array of sockets. Both concerns would apply even if the surge protector was not plugged into a UPS, and while those concerns may be real in some cases (with a UPS in the mix or without), they don't specifically support the notion that the combination of the two devices is problematic.
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    Unfortunately,these links are both expired,and I couldn't include them since my post count is <5:(

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