Using 4K Televisions Primarily for Upscaling Lower Resolutions

Discussion in 'High Definition Displays' started by 1953, Jan 23, 2018.

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    LMGTFY: henway

    Or for an answer you did not expect:

    So ... back to 4K TVs.
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    I expected H. E. N. W. A. Y.

  3. Cholly

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    I recently received an LG 65 inch 2017 model 65UN6200 4K TV as a warranty replacement for my 2014 Samsung UN60A7100 3D TV, which had developed a rather large burnin spot over the past year or so. Since 3D TV's are no longer available and a replacement panel would have cost around $1300, the warranty company gave me the LG. Very nice TV except that the HDR performance isn't the best. Other than that, the upscaling is excellent, and the Masters Tournament yesterday looked stunning. I haven't tried any native 4K content on the set as yett, but have upgraded my Netflix account to include 4K.
  4. Delroy E Walleye

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    Don't know if this applies to your LG TV, but I found out on mine (an OLED) I had to go into settings and turn on "deep color" for the input that I wanted HDR to work on.

    The TV then rebooted and HDR worked like it was supposed to (except for needing further adjustment to my personal taste - including turning off motion control).

    HDR is a whole 'nother set of picture adjustment settings, like having its own input.

    Prior to having done that, HDR was kind of dark and muddy-looking.
  5. Cholly

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    I haven't gone into the picture settings as yet. I have a copy of suggested picture settings for the 65UN65300, which is this year's version but haven't had the opportunity to get in and try them as yet. Even so, the picture in the CBS telecast of the Masters was beautiful. I haven't seen any dark scenes as yet (my family usurps the TV), so can't really tell for sure.
  6. jimmie57

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    Your TV probably has a You Tube app. They have a section that is 4k, some with HDR.
    I believe the N version that you have has the HDR+ and the HLG capability.

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