Utah "Tax Equalization" Bill

Discussion in 'Legislative and Regulatory Issues' started by kenglish, Feb 7, 2012.

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    We pays all the same taxes as the cable co's in Florida. The cable companies lobbied hard for it. Ticked me off, why should I pay the same fees the city charges the the phone/cable co's for right of way? The states law makers are looking out for us....
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    Wow ... this one actually seems "fair".

    Currently satellite subscribers are paying 6.25% ... and if the bill passes satellite subscribers will continue to pay the same.

    Currently cable subscribers pay 3.75% to 8.75% depending on the franchise fee ... and if the bill passes cable subscribers will pay a flat 6.25%.

    It is a wash for satellite subscribers and a leveling for cable subscribers. What is the problem?

    BTW: I doubt if the $3 to $4 tax is the big difference between cable and satellite. :rolleyes:
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    The big deal is that the cable companies are required to pay franchise fees where satellite companies are not. There are very good reasons for this and yet consumers have to pay more to "keep it even". Depending on where the tax comes into play matters as well. If the state is collecting it yet doesn't give it back to the communities than it's negating the reason of the franchise fee in the first place as that money goes to the city the company has the deal with. In most cases I've seen the states are the ones imposing the tax and they keep the revenue. Now it's about to get political but needless to say that it's just another way that lobbyists have found to increase the average consumers payment for political reasons.

    I understand the comment about the small differences in most areas however most companies usually raise prices in that range and all hell breaks loose. If you got a letter stating that you would save money on taxes each month, regardless of the amount, I doubt you would complain.

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