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  1. doubleatheman

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    Dec 28, 2007
    oh yeah when the uverse guy was at my house I bout watched him cut my directv coax line. I'm like STOOOOPPPPPP!!

    "I guess my stressing on the phone 5 times that I'm keeping uverse meant nothing."

    He chuckled... I just gave him an evil glare, he was pretty quiet after that.

    Uverse, I am happy with its internet service. (14 months and counting) But I will be keeping my directv Television! (30 months and counting)
  2. JosephB

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    Nov 14, 2005
    Birmingham, AL
    All of that is a bunch of words about stuff that is between you, the installer, and DirecTV. The customer shouldn't need or care about the economics of being an installer. DirecTV told the customer it'd be free, so it should be free. I'd still tell you to get the hell out of my house if you tried to charge me when DirecTV said it'd be free.
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    Nov 13, 2007
    And I'd happily leave.

    My point is: many companies will tell you that something is covered, assuming it is a warranty item, if you don't give them the whole story. Once they figure out that it was customer-caused, they're going to let you know that the warranty doesn't cover that damage. Then it's your decision to pay and have it fixed or not.

    My buddy works at a car dealership as the service manager. Kids regularly bring in new cars that are still under "bumper to bumper" warranty. If the car is stock, it is usually fixed without issue, but if the owner, say, installed a NOS kit or something and then wants the engine or transmission fixed (broken 2nd gear is a common issue with these "racer" kids), the warranty doesn't apply.

    No other industry would pay to fix something their competitor broke when their customer tried to go to the competitor. I don't understand why people assume that DirecTV or Dish Network should fix damage caused by a third party for free.
  4. Manctech

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    Jul 5, 2010
    I think this point is overlooked often times. Customer caused service calls are chargeable. If your dog chewed the line, you cut the buried line planting a tree, you run into the pole with your riding lawn mower, protection plan or not, that is chargeable.

    The protection plan DOES NOT cover "Customer Caused" problems.

    Switching to U-Verse, and then back to DTV does fall under "Customer Caused", however as a previous poster mentioned. The proper thing to do is set up a "Movers Connect" not a service call.

    I had a "re-connect" where the CM switched to cable. Well the cable company used our second line for the DVR to hook up the internet. Also, the cable company cut our lines from the dish at the base of the house leaving them hanging from the roof.

    I had to replace everything outside, as well as run a new line for the DVR because the CM was keeping the internet.

    Often times "reconnects" are a lot of work and service calls do not pay a lot.
  5. CBMC

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    Oct 7, 2009
    I have uverse. Customer service is OK, no worse than directv. Call up and they treat you like they know everything, even though 90% of the advise they give you is absolute rubbish. (both direct and Uverse) That being said, the picture quality on Directv is 100x better than Uverse (HD quality, Uverse has better SD quality). In my case, this is not a subjective thing, just a fact. Directv may compress their HD signal, but nowhere near what UVerse does. Watch sports on Uverse and the picture is absolutely miserable. Tons and tons of pixalations. Watchable, yes, desirable, definitely not. But I think that it is pretty well documented that Directv's picture quality is better than Uverse.
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    Jan 11, 2008
    Closed captioning on UVerse is pretty bad. It's very easy to read, but only because the text is fairly large and has a black background, seriously blocking out the picture. We watched 'House' on Uverse for a total of 3 minutes before the wife told me that the CC was really annoying. Switched over to DTV and the nicer, easy to read, and with no black background.

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