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ver 139 for 501spooling now ?

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Jan 24, 2002.

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  1. Guest

    I just read where some people are now getting version 139 for the 501. No new features in this upgrade, maybe some bug fixes.

    Maybe version 140 will be our SEARCH Feature?;)

    Has anyone found on Dish Networks new website where our receiver software versions are at?
  2. Guest

    I've heard that 139 started spooling last night. I'll check my 501 and report back later on.

    The current software revision is located on Dish Network's site <a href="http://www.dishnetwork.com/content/support/technical/soft_vers/index.shtml" target=none>HERE</a>.
  3. Guest

    Thanx mark......Finally a link to the software versions, but they are all the old versions......apparently Dish Network hasn't updated them yet.
  4. Guest

    I don't have p139 yet. As for that link, I don't understand why the software versions are way out of date. Before their site update, the software revision page was current. This one should be also...oh well.
  5. Guest

    One thing I haven't found was a link to the software versions off Dish Networks website.....yours worked though.
    Maybe Dish is still working on their website and still hasn't updated it yet.
  6. Guest

    Just an update...still no p139 here.
  7. Guest

    mark, I'm usually the last one to get the upgrade, I'm sure you'll get it before me.:(
  8. Guest

    My PVR downloaded 139. I've only had it for a short while. So far, it appears the problem of skipping the audio for a few words is back. I think I saw this before 138. I think it may also be skipping some video but I haven't nailed that down yet. It seems to affect programs recorded under 139 and playback of programs recorded before 139.
  9. Guest

    That's not good news. I haven't had any audio dropouts under p138, so I hope they don't come back under 139! My guess is that 139 is an interim release to get all 501's "on the same page" so to speak before the seach capability is sent. Supposed to be here "by the superbowl". 6 days and counting!
  10. Guest

    Some upgrade. It lunched all my saved programs, so much for the complete "24" series
    Up till now I really had no complaints .
    Too bad theres no way to get back what is still on the disk.And yes it was all "protected"
  11. Guest

    OUCH! Sorry to hear that.
  12. Guest

    I keep my "System Upgrade Mode" set to "Ask before downloading". That way I can keep the current software version of 138 until they have a less buggy update.
  13. Guest

    I'm at 139 now on my 501. No problems at all - all of my recorded shows are still there, and I'm not having any of the audio or video problems that others have been having with it. I consider myself one of the lucky ones - my 501 has been virtually problem free since the beginning. I think that I've had only 1 corrupted recording in 9 months.
  14. Guest

    *sigh*....got my upgrade yesterday, I'm usually the last one. :)

    For all of those who are concerned, the only thing I have noticed with P139d...Bootstrap ver.
    15BBDCED which I have received today Wednsday 1-30-02 is (2) new antenna pointing options when you are in the point/dish signal screen box options.
    There is a new 129W option box to check signal strength and to the right of that is a check box for 129W install. I guess this is to check for the Philly local channels. I have not seen anything else new...not even the search feature or dish home channel.Additional Swiches from 38 to 50...Only when you are checked marked for the 129W option along with the 129W Install box option as well.
  15. Guest

    No problems here either. I have the version 139 also. All programs still there.
  16. Guest

    I forgot, there are no apparent problems with my 501 since the upgrade.
  17. Guest

    I noticed that all my events got deleted after the upgrade...
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