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Vermont Tax Update question

Discussion in 'DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by Datagg, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Datagg

    Datagg Legend

    May 17, 2009
    Mesa, AZ
    I read why on a few sites, yet im in AZ. Why am I seeing this?... Sorry if its a dumb question yet I don't get why i have 6 channels or so that say that on screen. To top it off if I go by one of these channels my system locks up if i dont change it quickly.

  2. Mark40930

    Mark40930 Mentor

    Aug 2, 2007
    Las Vegas, NV
    What model DVR do you have?
  3. dpeters11

    dpeters11 Hall Of Fame

    May 30, 2007
    They generally have a few channels dealing with issues like this. You can just remove them from your guide.
  4. Datagg

    Datagg Legend

    May 17, 2009
    Mesa, AZ
    Thanks.. HR34

    Odd though since im not in that area.... Perhaps those channels come from that area on my plan. Just don't seem right though being punished per se when i dotn even live there. Damn politics.

    Thanks guys

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