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Version 140

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Feb 21, 2002.

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  1. Guest

    I spoke with Dish today and they told me that the 501 will be getting software version 140 pretty soon but it is only another maintenance upgrade. I was hoping that it would be a search feature upgrade
  2. Guest

    It would be nice if it were caller ID.....
  3. Guest

    I'd like to have that feature to neilster. :)
    We probably will never see it on a 501. :(
  4. Guest

    I don't mean to be sarcastic but why does anyone want caller ID on TV?

    I would think it would be annoying.
  5. Guest

    Geronimo, your probably right. :D I just think I want it. :D
    I certainly would like to have the option to turn it on or off.
  6. Guest

    I have caller ID on my 6000 and I like it. When the name and number pops up on the screen it allows me to see who's calling so I can decide if I'm going to get my lazy butt up from the couch to answer the phone.
  7. Guest

    Chris, Is that an option you can turn on and off?
  8. Guest

    I guess i would not want everyone to know who calls. But that is me.
  9. Guest

    John, Yes
  10. Guest

    Someone posted at DBS Forums today that they received version 150.
  11. Guest

    Not for me. I just have bare-bones phone service, having removed the CallerID and call-forwarding at the end of Decembmer and use my home line as a dataline only.
  12. Guest

    I miss the callerid from my 5000 reciever... because I too am lazy. However, it does preclude the need to purchase a cordless phone with callerid.
  13. Guest

    did they say they had gotten any new features, or did it appear to be a maintenance upgrade?
  14. Guest

    There's a horrible awful downside to on-satellite receiver callerid - if you forget to turn it off before you record something! It would be much better to have it built into your TV/Projector/Monitor/Plasma Screen/whatever you display on.
  15. Guest

    Apparently as llunken stated, its just a maintenance upgrade.
  16. Guest

    When this was first rumored we were talking about the issue of a callerid window popping up in the middle of the recording. We speculated ( with a little inside knowledge, I think) that at least on a pvr, since the callerid data wasn't in the sat stream, it wouldn't get recorded.
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    Just a response to "why would anyone want CallerID on their TV".

    I had CallerID on my 5000 and it was a godsend. I miss it more than anything. Owning two businesses, my TV-time was my escape. My phone rang off the hook and each time I had to get up, go to the "CallerID box" and see who's calling to determine if I should get it or let it go to the machine. Not to mention those idiot "Out of Area" telemarketers. With the on-screen popup, it was great.

    Further, I have a vision problem and the "Box" is kinda hard for me to read (especially in dim light). With the CallerID popup on my widescreen, I could read it from across the house.

    I really miss that in the 501 and intend to write Dish to make sure they know I want it.

    Thanks for listening.

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