Viacom Channel Takedown Information (Revisited)

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by James Long, Mar 5, 2004.

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  1. PACOP

    PACOP AllStar

    Feb 23, 2004
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  2. undefined

    undefined Cool Member

    Mar 9, 2004
    He won't have to. Everyone I know has already called DirecTV or Comcast.

    Perhaps Charlie thinks he'll get better rates when 5% - 10% of his subscribers go elsewhere? =)
  3. Tyralak

    Tyralak Icon

    Jan 24, 2004
    Think about what I said for a minute before wiping your posterior all over the board.. NEWSCORP is a much bigger company. D* is a SMALL part of it. If Viacom pulled that kind of crap with D*, Rupert, (i.e. NewsCorp, an ENORMOUS company.) would hand them their ass on a platter. How do we know that they demanded the same increases from D*?
  4. StinkyPantz

    StinkyPantz New Member

    Mar 9, 2004
    I believe I heard Charlie say "Call another provider if you want theese chanels I'll even give you names and numbers" or something to that effect. What a mess! I'm pissed but I'm still going to wait it out for a bit longer.
  5. Frankd

    Frankd Guest

    Those of you saying just pay the money are not getting the point. Enough is enough with fee's being raised. We will make due ( and my kids ) with the Viacom stations just to make a point. Dish is the only company I know that will actually fight for us anymore. Or you can be like Cablevision, pay Viacom's fees and raise your rate every five months. Hang in there Charlie, I'll have someone tape Survivor for me and my kids can do with a little less TV.
  6. undefined

    undefined Cool Member

    Mar 9, 2004
    As an avid Survivor and CSI (and CSI:M) fan, I am surprised by you. I couldn't care less about losing Nick or VH1 or MTV, but I lost CBS and that pisses me off. Fortunately, I have alterate means of getting CBS so it's not as big of an issue. It is an issue that I lost my CBS-HD feed, at it was the ONLY reason I went with Dish over DirecTV.

    My issue is mostly with the fact that a lack of local channels has always been a cause of slow satellite deployment. People want their local networks. Now I'm paying for my local networks, but I'm getting only 75% of the big four. That is down right unacceptable. Comcast (which is not available to me) has all of them, US Cable (which is available to me) has all of them, DirecTV has all of them..... Dish needs to get with the program. They lost. They could not negotiate a better rate and now Charlie is pouting and trying to explain why he f*cked us out of CBS. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and today it is the consumer that lost.

    Shame on you, Charlie. :nono2:
  7. notsohappy

    notsohappy Guest

    Yeah, that went over like a lead balloon. What a prick.
  8. dswallow

    dswallow Godfather

    Mar 31, 2003
    Let's look at how much Dish Network would have to change the price of each package where Viacom channels are to be found.

    Viacom apparently wants Dish Network to include their channels in all tiers. But not all of their channels are included in all tiers. So there would be an incremental cost that's different for each tier of programming.

    The widely discussed $0.06/subscriber/month increase would only apply to AT180 or AEP since those are the only package now including all Viacom channels.

    AT120 now includes 8 of the 10 Viacom channels, so for purposes of this discussion, that's 80% of Dish Network's current cost for the Viacom package, meaning 20% of the cost of the whole package would be an added expense for Dish Network.

    AT60 now includes 6 of the 10 Viacom channels, so that leaves 40% of the cost of the whole package as an added expense for Dish Network.

    Dish Latino includes 1 Viacom channel (MTV Espanol), but for purposes of discussion, let's just say this wouldn't change, due to the nature of it being spanish-language programming only.

    I'll use the current monthly cost to Dish Network for all Viacom channels of $0.857143 from an earlier post in this example.

    So, the monthly incremental costs for Dish Network would be:

    $0.0600/AEP subscriber
    $0.0600/AT180 subscriber
    $0.2314/AT120 subscriber (20% of $0.857143 cost of Viacom channels + $0.0600 increase)
    $0.4029/AT60 subscriber (40% of $0.857143 cost of Viacom channels + $0.0600 increase)

    I've left out discussing the CBS stations since they affect only existing subscribers, and the $0.0600 increase discussed actually included increased costs for the CBS stations, so this incremental cost is already reflected in the costs detailed above.

    To pass 100% of the cost directly on to subscribers, here's what package prices would look like (I'm rounding everything up to the nearest penny).

    AT60: $27.40
    AT60 + Locals: $30.40
    AT60 PLUS: $30.40
    AT60 PLUS + Locals: $35.40

    AT120: $35.23
    AT120 + Locals: $40.23
    AT120 PLUS: $52.23
    AT120 PLUS + Locals: $57.23

    AT180: $45.05
    AT180 + Locals: $50.05
    AT180 + HBO + Cinemax: $62.05
    AT180 + HBO + Cinemax + Locals: $67.05

    AEP: $78.05
    AEP: $83.05

    ANd in addition, all the Viacom channels would now be in all packages (including the new channels Viacom wants to bundle in).
  9. HeavyC

    HeavyC AllStar

    Jan 9, 2004
    I'm actually flabergasted that any CEO would recommend to their customers that they leave for any reason. It's just bad business. He should be bending over backwards to keep us right now, not giving us the numbers to DireTV and Cable Companies and showing us the door. That does nothing but hurt the company. I really question the value in that business decision.

    Everyone I've talked to has pretty much been left scratching their heads on that one as well.
  10. scaredpoet

    scaredpoet Mentor

    Jan 24, 2003
    Maybe I missed it, but I don't remember hearing ONCE that he recommended people leave. What was said was more on the lines of, yes, there other access options out there, and he acknowledges that some people will seek out those options. Nowhere did I hear anything like "Bye, don't let the dish hit you on the way out."

    I have to ask again, would you rather he told people that they have no choice, and that they must stay?
  11. MarkA

    MarkA God Bless America! DBSTalk Gold Club

    Mar 23, 2002
    "What's with you and spongebob ? Do you honestly think that's why people are mad ... because we lost spongebob ?

    Nick at Nite had many good programs on at night and VH1 had the 80's videos all of the time.

    It's not about Spongebob at all."

    Spongbob is my hero :) Spongbob is the only thing good in Viacom :) Oh, and of course some of the older Nick shows like Hey Arnold! and Doug (real Doug before Disney bought it and ruined it)
  12. Mark Holtz

    Mark Holtz New Texan

    Mar 23, 2002
  13. nicepants

    nicepants AllStar

    Apr 11, 2002
  14. StinkyPantz

    StinkyPantz New Member

    Mar 9, 2004

    It's not a matter of him giving us a choice or not. He clearly said he would rather loose customers to companies that carry V* than give in to what he calls Un-Reasonable demands, he than said he will tell you where to go tho get V8 channels (like we don't know all ready). It was a poor and un-professional move in my opinion to make any comment about switching to another company. From the viewpoint of a new customer 2 months and counting It did nothing to make me feel like my $90+ a month subscription isn't going to suffer this same fate again.
  15. scaredpoet

    scaredpoet Mentor

    Jan 24, 2003
    *shrug* If you say so, but I don't. For some of us, TV doesn't rule our lives. I'm just has happy surfing the 'net or reading a book, and to be honest, I haven't watched a network channel in over a year (I subscribe to them anyway, just in case, but major network TV holds o real interest to me right now).

    And while my setup isn't junkyard issue either (decent-sized screens, audio and PVR), I just can't really justify to myself spending multiple thousands on something I only spend at most, 1-2 hours a day watching, on the days I watch at all. I *could* afford it, but if it doesn't interest me, then why?

    This is the same thinking I apply when I pay for my programming package. yeah, I'm one of the cheapskates who got DISH because it's the cheapest. There just a set threshold I'm willing to pay for what I see as mediocre, dumb programming, and if I have to pay more because networks are charging more, then they better give me something to entice me to think that the price hike is worth paying.
  16. Notes on some of these anti-Dish cliches going around lately:

    "It's only 6 cents, just pay it Charlie"
    Do a search and you'll find people refuting this "6 cent" lie all over the place. It's not just 6 cents! If it was we'd still have the channels. Dish has no motive to simply piss people off for 6 cents.

    "Charlie just hates those channels"
    Come on, do you really think Chuck has some personal stake in programing? Dish offers everything from porn to Cricket to catholic broadcasting, so I doubt Chuckie cares about certain programing over another. I'm sure there's a reason (besides Viacom using CBS as a weapon) Dish isn't just giving in. I'm sure they did the research and decided the business could risk losing Viacom. From what I've heard, people aren't leaving for cable or D* en-mase yet. I know it's popular and easy to spout paranoid conspiracy theories about how evil King Charles is trying to kill off Nickelodeon and Bevis and Butthead and the Man Show but get real.

    "Only $1 dollar doesn't cover losing 10 channels"
    While I agree in principal with this statement, actually if you do the math, depending on what package you choose (top 100 for instance) each channel is worth about 40-80 cents from a strictly numbers perspective. So actually $1 more than covers losing that proportion of channels - not taking into account different tastes of course. At least we're getting something back. No law that says Dish had to give us $1 even. Frankly I'd pay them $1 to get rid of some of these channels, but that's just me. :)

    Bottom line, if enough people leave Dish then something will happen. But don't be surprised if most people stay and Viacom goes bye-bye or caves. Looking at the current poll numbers it looks like despite many people bashing Charlie in here, most folks side with Dish on this one. Count me as one of them too.
  17. willy

    willy Legend

    Jan 7, 2004
    Great post!

    :joy: :jumpingja :icon_bb:
  18. scooper

    scooper Hall Of Fame

    Apr 22, 2002
    Kansas City KS
    My local CBS did much the same - When I sent them feedback about it being so one-sided (for Viacom), this is what I got back (names deleted to protect appropriate)

    ------------start quoted email----------------------
    Both are true. If Viacom and Dish cannot come to terms prior to their existing Agreement expiring, then there is no Agreement for Dish to continue to carry their signals. This sort of thing only hurts the viewers, but Viacom is the owner of several cable channels and CBS and should be compensated for their products.
    Historically Dish just took the signals with no compensation to the owner and has since grossly under valued the programming channels. Viacom is saying enough is enough.
    Again, it is unfortunate that the greed of one or both parties ends up hurting the viewers until a new Agreement is in place.
    ------------end quoted email----------------------

    While I can't disagree about some of the shenangans that Dish has pulled in the past, for the most part this balanced response is more what I would have expected from a non- O&O CBS affiliate. And I do think Viacom should get REASONABLE compensation for their content - but increases at greater than the rate of inflation are NOT reasonable.
  19. lol

    lol Guest

    Breaking news...polls don't pay the bills. =)
  20. Genius

    Genius Guest

    Huh??#!?#!@#@ What's your point? Polls show that most will stay with Dish, staying means paid bills...uhhh, I'm not getting your point, but thanks for the deep thought anyway.
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