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Victory Sports & YES network?

Discussion in 'Archive' started by -, Dec 31, 2001.

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    Does anyone know any more infromation on when these sports channels will up & running? I heard The Pohlad family is running the victory sports for minneapolis and the sports teams there. What about the yes network and the yankees? I know victory is trying to get the gophers men's basketball soon. I hope so,because the only station carrying them is kstc-45. which i don't get,but i could get mpls locals i would watch them. I'm a big gophers fan.
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    Not sure about the Victory Sports Network ... I really miss not having the gopher BB games on Fox North (MSC) this year. Fortunately I just got my Twin Cities locals and from what I hear the WB station carries some BB games. I know Fox north is involved in some sort of lawsuit with the sports team .. so time will tell.
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    Are these going to be nationally available channels, or just regional? Being an alumnus of UofM (back in Bill Musselman's basketball days) I would like to be able to get them here in Florida.

    For those Gopher fans out there, a bit of trivia. The last game that I went to back when I lived on campus was the game that ended in a bleacher clearing brawl between Minnesota and Ohio State. It really was a disgusting display and the game was called with about a minute left. THe star OS player (Luke Witte?) ended up in the hospital for a few days, and, I think, his potential pro career destroyed. That game changed the entire bball program at Minnesota and led to the ouster of Bill Musselman (sp?). Ah, those were the days.
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    Ahh remember that play well .. I believe it was Ron Behagen and Corky Taylor that did the stomping. I played against corky Taylor, Jim Brewer and Dave Winfield when I was in college. Back then freshmen were ineligible and we played the Gopher freshmen in a preliminary game to the Gopher-Chicago Loyola game. Big star for Gophers that year was no other than Larry Mikan (that's right .. the son of George Mikan).

    In answer to the question about Victory sports channel .. I believe it is a Minnesota cable channel designed for local sports (Twins (if playing) gophers etc.... and probably only for people in the TC area ... if Charlie picks up the channel.
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    Quote: "I believe it was Ron Behagen and Corky Taylor that did the stomping."

    Yep, you got the names right. It's a real shame that the game degraded to that point. It was called with just under a minute left and OS up by about 6(?) points or so. Witte had been throwing elbows through the whole game and was being ignored by the refs. They lost control of the game and the result was what I witnessed. Witte SHOULD have fouled out long before the end of the game. He was flagrant that night. I think several pro careers may have gone down the tubes that night, along with Minnesota's next several years of basketball teams. I lived on campus over in Centennial Hall at that time and used to walk over to catch a majority of the games.

    I worked for Paine Webber my first summer out of high school. George Mikan was one of the star brokers there at that time (1967). Of course, with name recognition I am sure he would have been a success at any post basketball carreer. I bet it was an experience playing against those big guys back then. Who did you play for and what position?

    I installed a high end distributed music system in a very fancy condo in Minneapolis (right next to the river on Main Streen just south of the Hennepin Ave bridge if I recall) for the Chairman of the Board of Burlington Northern many years ago (before anyone was doing this kind of thing). His next door neighbor at the time was none other than Dave Winfield. The COB bought half of the floor on the top two floors and connected them together with a fancy spiral staircase, Dave had the remaining half of the floor on the next to the top floor. This was back when Winfield was early in his Yankees stint.

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