VIP612 to Hopper Duo "upgrade"

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by pogo, Oct 12, 2018.

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    I've been using a VIP612 for sometime now to get French programming for my French wife. We also have the French Bouquet Which dish now requires -- well actually they require that you subscribe to some package in order to buy TV5 and this was our cheapest option. Last weekend got an overheating error (that's how my first VIP612 died). Uhoh! I unplugged the box and began looking at my options for a replacement. Other than other used boxes, it looked like my best option was the Hopper Duo. I waited a day for the box to cool off and plugged it back in. It seemed okay and is still operating after a week, but it got me thinking about whether there would be any reason to "upgrade" to hopper technology. I've always thought the interface on the VIP is kind of clunky. Is it any different on the hoppers? Before folks jump to defend the Dish interface, bear in mind that clunky is in the eye of the beholder -- I can only compare it to others that work better for me and the way I use the box. I guess the general question is, with my limited dish viewing is there anything that would make me say this is an upgrade? Thanks
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    Jul 20, 2016
    The Linux-based "Carbon" interface on the Hopper / Wally / Joey family is completely different than the ViP. It takes some adjustment. However, the guide information and guide search is much more complete than the ViP series.

    On top of that, Dish offers voice command/control capabilities with the 54.0 and 50.0 remotes. You've also got built in wifi, Netflix, and support for Google assistant and Amazon products like the echo dot.

    In general I'd say the Hopper Duo definitely an upgrade from the 612. Although, I will say there are some times the Hopper Duo is a touch laggy but it is classed as a "bargain" Hopper/722 replacement.

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