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ViP622/ViP722(k) Tips and Useful Info/UI Related FAQ/Software Performance Charts

Discussion in 'ViP612/622/722/722K DVR Support Forum' started by Ron Barry, Sep 14, 2006.

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  1. Ron Barry

    Ron Barry 622 Tips & Trick Keeper

    Dec 10, 2002
    Thought it would be a good thing to have a Sticky on the top of the forum with pointer of threads that discuss things like Tips or other useful tidbits of information. Hopefully as time goes on, new users will find this helpful and will reduce some of the duplicate questions that get ask from time to time and will get user quicker to typical questions and topics.

    If anyone feels I a link should be included, PM me with the link and if it makes sense I will add it.

    Stuff one should know about the ViP 622/722 (List of features and tidbits that have been asked about numerous times here?
    Stuff one should know about the ViP 612 (List of features and tidbits that have been asked about numerous times here?

    General 622/722 Tips
    User Tips (EKB)
    Software History (EKB) -
    622/722 record Only New Shows working?
    Adding OTA to your EPG
    Reasons why 622/722 may Turn on by itself
    3 recording Options
    Can you watch recorded show in HD on TV2
    Can I record Two HD programs at the same time?
    Can I record Three HD programs at the same time?
    I don't know how to use my PIP
    ViP-622 DVR Basics / User Guide and Manual & Recording Preferences Guide
    When I delete a program why does both my SD and HD remaining time go up?
    Getting back to paused TV??
    Cooling off the 622/722 (Discussions on how to Cool your 622/722)
    Why is it? (Buffer lost going between live and DVR)
    Why do I see Duplicate Channels?
    How to avoid the Paused Icon
    Why Two Mac addresses on 622/722

    General 612 specific Topics
    How does the 612 Zoom mode settings work?

    Timer Strategies
    What are Dish Passes usually used for?
    Back to Back Timers and setting up a Dish HD Program as a backup to the same OTA program.
    Timer/Dish Pass Strategy
    Timer Limit
    Record shows
    Can I choose which tuner to record on?
    Search finding programs that don't exist
    Can I choose which tuner does the recording?
    Weekly/Daily/M-F Skipped Event discussion

    Dual Mode topics
    Recorde Plus Document

    External USB Drive related threads
    External Hard Drive Advice
    USB drives people have had success with.
    What format is the External HD format in?
    USB drives people have had success with
    How Much can I store on my External USB Drive?
    User report Seagate Issue Thread?
    User report Western Digital Issue Thread?
    Accessing USB Drive from TV2 (Cannot be done)

    Audio related topics Topics
    My ViP622/722 DVR HDMI Dolby Digital 5.1 Problem
    Huge Volume Difference Between HD and SD.. Why?

    Video related topics Topics
    HDMI loss of video post L4.41

    Closed Caption Topics
    Is anyone using TV to decode CC via 622 SD
    Closed Caption Not working

    Remote Related
    2 UHF Remotes at one time

    External Device Topics
    Dish Network's Instructions for using an EHDD
    Using a 622/722 with DVDR/VCR
    Seagate USB drive users Chime In
    3 strikes maybe more for EHDD receiver swapping

    Network Related Topics
    3 strikes maybe more for EHDD receiver swapping

    HDMI Related Topics
    Can we expect a straight answer from Dish: re HDMI failure?

    DVDR related Topics Topics
    Help with recording to an external device
    16:9 recording and DVD recorders
    Anamorphic (AVS Forum)
    Gotta set the 16:9 flag
    Down Rez Blues!
    DVD recorder with 921
    Desperate for help on hooking up DVD Recorder..........

    UI Related Issue Discussion
    What happened to my buffer?
    Remove status bar?

    OTA Related Discussion
    Lost all my OTAs
    OTA and no Guide Data
    How do I feed OTA to TV2?
    Still No OTA Guide Data 10 Months Later

    General 622/722 Info
    What HDD Temperatures are user seeing
    Closed Caption Not Working
    Hardware/Software versions

    General Dish Topics
    What is Soft reboot, hard reboot, etc
    Steps to Clear the switch Matrix
    Remote has mind of its own

    Topics of interest for TIVO users
    Timer limit on 722/622
    Are there Wishlists?
    Buffer lost going between live and DVR
    Multiple 722 issues from a former TIVO user
    Dish DVR vs TIVO
    Former Tivo User new to Dish
  2. Ron Barry

    Ron Barry 622 Tips & Trick Keeper

    Dec 10, 2002
    Question: What is the quickest way to access My Recordings?
    Press the DVR button twice to access My Recordings.
    Press the DVR button three times to get to your recording schedule.

    Question: How can I jump between Tuners?
    Answer: User the Pip Swap button on the remote

    Question: When you freeze(pause) the picture on the vip622, and want to see the detail(of the picture) at the bottom of the screen, is there a way to temporary remove this information?
    Answer: Press the Skip Forward button to move forward 1 frame. That will make the status bar disappear.

    Question: I scanned and added HD locals from my antenna to the channel grid. How do I delete the channels I no longer want, so they will not show up on my guide?
    Answer: Menu 6--9, then click the box next to the channels that you want to delete, then click the delete button.

    Question: How can I pause both of my buffers and toggle between them?
    Answer: Currently to pause and toggle between buffers you must have the pip window up and then use the PIP swap feature to toggle. Dish has indicated recently that sticky pausing will be include along with PIP side by side in the next release.

    Question: When switching between guides (all,sub,fav,HD), is there a button you can press to make the guide go to the channel you are currently tuned to?
    Answer: Since favorites consist of channels that the user has selected, there is no way to jump to a channel that is not currently in your channel list.

    Question: Sometimes I want my Recordings sorted by Date and other times I want it sorted alphabetically. Is there a way to toggle between the two?
    Answer: Yes. Press the PIP swap key on the My Recording page will toggle between your last two sort choices.

    Question: Is there a quick way to access Picture Side by Side?
    Answer: Yes. Press the PIP Position button
  3. Ron Barry

    Ron Barry 622 Tips & Trick Keeper

    Dec 10, 2002

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