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    Aug 19, 2007
    I don't think I've seen any comparisons to Xbox 360 made here (and hopefully I'm not being disruptive by bringing it up).

    The 360 is part of the reason I'm so excited to see D* do this. MS is tied to HD-DVD, and too much of a competitor to Sony, so content there is limited in some cases (it's not bad -- has saved me a few trips to Blockbuster, and the content is HD, while Blockbuster barely has much Blu-ray or HD-DVD to pick from). Anyway, it seems like D*, being indepedent in that battle, might be able to bring more content (including more HD PPV).

    I want to bring hope to you who've tried HD downloads so far. At first, the 360 had about a 4:1 ratio of HD download time to HD content time (i.e. 2 hour movie took about 8 hours).

    That has finally improved to near 1:1, so that HD content comes almost fast enough to watch almost as soon as it begins (give it about 15 minutes, I think; enough time to say "let's watch a movie" and start gettig the popcorn ready). The whole download is about the length of the movie, over a 5Mbps DSL line.

    So, I think we may be able to expect that the download times will improve.

    Now, the content is 720p, never 1080i, and I suspect it is half the bandwidth of actual 720p, since most of the content is film and therefore doesn't need the 60 frames/s. But here is where my knowledge of things is admittedly shaky. Regardess, the upgrade to 720p on the Xbox 360 is worth it -- and if they are lowering the picture quality to improve download speeds, I'm not complaining.

    Anyone have any semblance of an idea of what the mpeg4 file sizes are, for 1080i content? Do we have a dying chance of getting HD content on demand, or is the bandwidth requirement really going to be 10mbps/s or more?
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    Sep 28, 2006
    There is going to be more HD content but probably not until DoD goes national. I for one am ok with the speed of the downloads. Even the two HD shows that they have came down in good enough time for me. I have so much to watch as it is that there is no way I can watch a show as it is downloading (except during the CE testing phase for test purpioses) Watching a movie as it downloads is very much the same as watching live TV. Who does that anymore?


    It is good to hear that the X360 had issues in the begining as well and then got faster. I think over time D* will adjust the speed to make it work out well for anyone with a 3 MB connection or faster. They should also consider an alternate version of SD downloads for people on 1.5 and slower.

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