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Voice remote any better than my most un-favorite hopper 3 standard remote?

Discussion in 'Hopper System Support Forum' started by scottfree1, Nov 13, 2017 at 1:58 PM.

  1. scottfree1

    scottfree1 New Member

    The new standard remote is a HUGE step BACKWARDS. One my main DTV peeves is the top level "doink" while the dish remote does not mock you with the "doink" sound effect when you hit a button that does nutton. DTV has them all over and DiSH was pretty doink free, until now, design 101 you add sub-menus because you are out of top level menus.

    So how did they decide that the Up/Down on the main navigation compass, the 2 biggest, most ergonomic, easiest to find/reach buttons should do NOTHING at the top level? I don't get it? I asked the tech when he needed a remote to prog a new box and I gave him one of the old ones. He didn't get why I refused to use the new remotes, well cause its BROKEN. The buttons for channel up/down are intentionally disabled and you are forced to bend your thumb in a uncomfortable angle and feel for what should be the page up/down buttons in order to change the channel.

    Unfortunately my old 4 series are wearing out and looking at the voice remote, voice AND touchpad? Really the 2 worst ways ever to control something uughh.. It looks like the remote you get in he||, always misunderstood and constantly being touched in unexpected and unwelcome places. I'm thinking ebay and the old remotes unless by some miracle touch/voice is peanut butter and chocolate and not peanut butter and, well not chocolate..
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  2. dmspen

    dmspen Hall Of Fame DBSTalk Club

    Dec 1, 2006
    Los Gatos,...
    After upgrading to the H3, I got the voice remote. It didn't take long for my to stop using all the new remotes and go back to the old 40.0. Lots of muscle memory with that style of remote. I don't have to look at it as I do with the H3 remote and the voice remote.
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  3. scottfree1

    scottfree1 New Member

    That muscle mem is strong, can't imagine how many years, if ever it would take my for thumb to stop banging on those now useless up/down buttons, my thumb it is very upset at about this.

    On a better note dish & alexa works WAY better than expected, a few hitches mostly time/context stuff, like not being able to figure out like trying to tune to and in progress game, alexa find my in progress sporting event and play it is a total head scratchier, so is "record" but play family guy digs an episode out of pt anytime plays it and saying skip forward/back 10/30/1/2/3m is way better than the way to fast ff/rr & the jump fw to far jump back to short only to have what you're trying to see covered by the giant on screen ff/rr graphics
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